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Scattered throughout the world are chams which help Cupil grow stronger.

Cham Locations[edit | edit source]

Map Image Location
T01.gif C01.jpg Pirate Isle
T02.gif C02.jpg Sailors' Island
T03.gif C03.jpg Maramba
T04.gif C04.jpg Temple of Pyrynn
T05.gif C05.jpg Horteka
C06.jpg King's Hideout
T07.gif C07.jpg Moon Stone Mtn.
T08.gif C08.jpg Moon Stone Mtn.
T09.gif C09.jpg Rixis
T10.gif C10.jpg Rixis
C11.jpg Gordo
C12.jpg Bonus Wages
T13.gif C13.jpg Daccat's Island
T14.gif C14.jpg Daccat's Island
T15.gif C15.jpg Nasrad
C16.jpg Delphinus
T17.gif C17.jpg Crescent Isle
T18.gif C18.jpg Crescent Isle
T19.gif C19.jpg Esparanza
T20.gif C20.jpg Yafutoma
T21.gif C21.jpg Mount Kazai
T22.gif C22.jpg Tenkou Island
C23.jpg Gordo's Bistro
T24.gif C24.jpg Ruins of Ice (Glacia)
T25.gif C25.jpg Ruins of Ice (Glacia)
C26.jpg Ilchymis' Island
C27.jpg Hamachou Island
T28.gif C28.jpg Shrine Island
T29.gif C29.jpg Soltis
T30.gif C30.jpg Soltis

Abirik Cham Locations[edit | edit source]

Image Location
AbirikCham1.jpg After receiving the Green Crystal, find an Ixa'takan Ship that travels around the southern airspace of Horteka with Sky Sardis ×10 on hand.
AbirikCham2.jpg In Nasrad, talk to the Nasr Merchant at Alaz's Weapons.
  1. In Esparanza, talk to the Tavernkeep after receiving the Blue Crystal.
  2. In Maramba, talk to the Kabal Skewer Lady.
  3. In Esparanza, talk to to the Tavernkeep to receive the Kabal Skewer.
  4. In Maramba, talk to the Kabal Skewer Lady.
  5. In Esparanza, talk to the Tavernkeep to receive a list of ingredients to obtain: Gentum, Khale, and Kabal.
    1. In Nasrad, talk to the Karah's Items clerk and buy the Gentum for 500 Gold.
    2. Find the Spice Island Discovery to receive the Khale.
    3. In Gordo's Bistro, talk to Gordo to receive the Kabal. If Soltis has already been raised but you have not entered Shrine Island to fight Ramirez you can talk to him on his ship slightly northwest of the continent to get it.
  6. In Esparanza, give all the ingredients to receive the Mom's Skewer.
  7. In Maramba, talk to the Kabal Skewer Lady.
  8. In Esparanza, talk to the Tavernkeep to receive the Abirik Cham.

Cupil Evolution[edit | edit source]

Depending on the order Cupil is fed chams and abirik chams, Cupil can transform into different weapons.