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Discoveries are found on the world map. Some are invisible, some move around, and some are in plain sight. When there is a potential Discovery, the compass starts to spin rapidly. When Discoveries are made or you need information on potential Discoveries, go to a Sailors' Guild to buy or sell information. If Vyse takes too long to find a discovery, Domingo may find it first, causing any information you may want to sell to be bought at a cheaper price.

There are 64 Discoveries in the original Dreamcast version, an additional 24 Discoveries in the Gamecube version bringing up the count to 88, and a special 89th Discovery that can only be unlocked under certain prerequisites.


List of Discoveries[edit | edit source]

To be added: altitudes, whether it moves or is invisible, maps displaying their location, and Guild Discovery information pricing.

Image Description

Pirate's Grave

It appears that someone
has scribbled onto the
stone: “Here lies an
unknown blue rogue.”
The actual name has
been worn away by the
wind, but the first
letter, “D,” can still
be made out. Nobody
remembers who rests here.



To the North
The Imperial City, Valua
(Caution: Low visibility)
To the East
The City of Sand, Nasrad
(Caution: Strong currents)
To the West
Sailors' Island
(Caution: Too much loqua)


Sky Coral

Microorganisms called Sky
Coral attached themselves
to Moon Stone boulders and
grew to form these reefs.
They flourish only in very
specific conditions, and
can take 200 years to
grow. Their various colors
and shapes have long been
valued for their beauty.


Silver Moon Pit

Only small islands such as
Pirate Isle and Shrine
Isle lie in the area where
Silver Moon Stones fall,
so deposits this large
are very hard to come
across. Legends say that
Silver Moon Stones hold
the powers of life, but
the truth remains unknown.


Topple Rock

A natural formation of
three round rocks, stacked
on top of each other and
perfectly balanced. The
balance seems delicate,
especially when the rocks
sway in the wind, but for
some reason they have
never toppled.


Wandering Lake

The truth behind the story
of the disappearing lake
is even stranger--
temperature differences
make a large bowl of rock
float above the desert
sands, holding a lake of
clear water. Once the
water cools off, it
settles downward again.



As shipbuilding developed
and flight distances grew,
the oasis in the middle of
the desert lost some of
its importance to
travellers. But it is
still critical to caravans
on land routes, and
remains lively as a center
of trade and information.



Long ago, a young Black
Pirate searched the desert
for the Isle that Spouts
Treasure. After a long
trek, he was shocked to
find that it produced only
sand. But he realized that
the desert was the true
treasure, and spent the
rest of his years in Nasr.


Temple of Pyrynn

A stone building thought
to have been created by an
ancient dynasty. The
stonework and construction
demonstrate a high level
of technology for that
period, but no clues are
left that point to the
purpose behind these huge


Beak Rock

A natural rock formation,
sculpted by the constant
wind currents of South
Ocean. Many a sailor's
story tells of a giant
bird flying south, or
being attacked by a
monstrous beak, but these
are likely based on
sightings of this rock.


Sky Anemone

A bizarre creature that
lives its entire life
attached to a rock,
stretching its tentacles
out and waiting for prey
to float by. It releases a
sweet fragrance to attract
fish, but larger ones have
been known to endanger
small ships.



Most people on this world
do not even know that a
continent exists across
South Ocean. The discovery
of this lush, rich
continent with a long
history has demonstrated
the possibility that even
more unknown, undiscovered
lands may await.


Garpa Fruits

A vined plant that hangs
from the bottom of the
continent. Its stem
contains a powerful
hallucinogen, and it has
been used for medicinal
and religious purposes
through the ages. It is
also commonly used in
local delicacies.


The Great Bird

The wings and tail of the
Great Bird are said to
indicate the equinoxes of
the ancient Ixa'takan
verdilunar calendar.
Figures of other animals
once dotted the plain, but
they have been swallowed
by the expanding forest,
leaving only the Bird.


Golden Man

A golden statue that
stands quietly, as if
pointing something out. It
is thought to have been
placed here to protect the
sacred land. Male statues
are often found in temples
and other buildings, while
female statues are found
near holy lakes and trees.


Gates of Rixis

A huge stone face that
stands quietly, buried
deep in the forests of
Ixa'taka. The stones
have been fitted so
tightly together that
not even an insect could
crawl between them. It
is a remnant of an
ancient civilization.


Ixa'takan Palace

This stone palace was once
the site of ceremonies
based on the ancient lunar
calendar, built during the
reign of the Moon Kings.
This place flourished as
the center of Ixa'takan
civilization for ages, but
was destroyed several
years ago by the Valuans.


Ixa'ness Village

A tribe of women that
lives on a small island in
Ixa'taka. They are skilled
and fearsome warriors.
They raid nearby villages
twice a year to kidnap
men. The numbers of men
in nearby tribes have
been almost reduced to


Mysterious Rings

Huge geometric shapes that
mysteriously appear on the
ground overnight. Reports
have been very frequent
lately. Old records speak
of a similar phenomenon,
and mention 2 or 3 glowing
balls of light that appear
the night before the
shapes are found.


Will o' Wisps

“I woke up in the middle
of the night, and saw
something glowing out near
some unpopulated islands.
I thought I was just
seeing things at first,
but then the lights
started moving around in
these weird patterns…”
- An anonymous sailor


Roc's Nest

The nest of the legendary
bird, the Roc. A single
Roc egg is large enough
to feed a whole town
for a full lunar cycle.
However, not many people
are brave, or stupid,
enough to try and steal
an egg from the nest
of this giant bird.


The Giant Throne

An enormous rock formation
that looks like a rocking
chair. The claw marks on
its surface have given
rise to many stories--some
speak of a giant green
creature that once perched
here, or of a hairy beast
that was lulled to sleep
by the rocking motion.


Lighthouse Ruins

Originally an ancient
ruin, it was converted
into a lighthouse to guide
Valuan ships returning
from the north. But as the
center of Valuan culture
shifted to the south, the
once great lighthouse
faded from people's


Ancient Palace

A beautiful old castle
that stands near a lake in
central Valua. Local
legends of evil wizards
and mysterious disap-
pearances were revived
when various potions and
torture devices were
discovered in the dungeons
beneath the castle.


Skull Rock

“I never believed that old
story about the skull
pointing the way to hidden
treasure. But one night,
we was passing by it, and
Moonlight from the full
Moon reflected off Skull
Rock and lit up an island
in the distance…”
- An anonymous sailor


Stone City

The ruins of a settlement
built into a solid rock
wall, with countless
passageways connecting
the dwellings. The homes
appear to have been
abandoned hastily, but
no evidence has been
found that explains
exactly what happened.


Ship Graveyard

This North Dannel route
was once feared as the
home of a monster that ate
ships. But in reality, it
is an area where currents
are so strong that the
previous generation of
ships lacked the power and
hull strength to make it


Philosophy Stone

“Though my body may age
and the sun may set,
the soul of a sailor
still burns inside me.
As long as I can dream
I shall travel the skies
As long as there are skies
My journey shall continue”
--A Sailor's Philosophy


Balloon Flower

A curious plant, whose
colorful fruit sways in
the wind like a balloon.
When the thin outer shell
is popped, a sweet
fragrance is released. It
was often seen throughout
the world in more peaceful
times, but of late the
fruits are seldom seen.


The Lands of Ice

A frozen continent,
sleeping quietly under the
light of the Purple Moon.
Ancient legends and myths
speak of it as a land of
the dead, but its true
nature remained unknown
until its discovery by
Vyse, the Blue Rogue.



A strange bird that lives
on islands of ice. Its
small wings are not suited
for flight, so it feeds by
jumping for fish that
float nearby. They are
model parents--males and
females take turns caring
for an egg, never leaving
it until it hatches.


The Frozen Giant

A giant, furry animal,
perfectly preserved in ice
for more than 20,000 years.
It is unknown how the
creature came to be frozen
here - perhaps it fell
into a crack in a glacier
while chasing its prey, or
was instantly frozen in
some catastrophe.



A spectacle of light that
has graced the skies above
the Lands of Ice since
ancient times. Auroras are
thought to be caused by
the gravity of the Moons,
and once every few
thousand years, a
convergence of the moons
creates auroras worldwide.


Blimp Wreck

Before the advent of
ships, blimps ruled the
skies as the means of
exploration. Here lie the
ruins of one man's
dreams--he tried time and
time again to repair his
blimp and cross the Dark
Rift, but was defeated by
the fierce winds.


Giant Squid Nest

“We thought it was just a
big rock! But when we
threw the anchor, this
huge eyeball opened up and
these red legs came outta
nowhere… we just ran for
it and barely made it out
with our ship in one
- An anonymous sailor


Black Moon Stone

This rare, Black Moon
Stone holds tremendous
power. It can turn pos-
itive energy to negative,
and vice versa, but a
practical application for
this ability has not been
found. There are rumors of
a lost Black Moon, but the
truth remains unknown.



Ancient legends speak of
Yafutoma as a mythical
land to the east, covered
in gold and populated by a
proud, polite people. Cut
off from the world by
dangerous currents, it has
developed a distinctive
culture. First discovered
by Vyse, the Blue Rogue.


Uguisu's Nest

Although this bird builds
its nests in rock faces,
for some reason they
always travel northwards
to human civilizations to
raise their young. That is
why sailors have learned
to recognize these nests
as signs that a human
city is nearby.


Guardian Walls

A massive fortress built
by an ancient Yafutoman
king. Rather than as a
form of defense, the walls
were said to have been
built so that lookouts
could spot enemy ships
before they got too close
to the city they were
trying to defend.



The Wanderbirds are large
migratory birds from the
far North, revered since
ancient times as symbols
of long life. Their cry is
rarely ever heard, but the
clarity and beauty of
their song is said to put
all other birds to shame.



“Once upon a time, there
was a gentle creature
called the Dheerse, that
lived in the forest. The
villagers believed that
getting kicked by the
Dheerse would make them
rich, so they chased him
around until he ran away.”
- A Yafutoman Fairy Tale


Grieving Prince

A statue of an ancient
prince, who lost his wife
in a sailing accident and
spent his life gazing up
at the skies. On a full
Moon, it is said that a
single tear falls from the
prince's eyes as he
watches the ships pass.


Spice Island

A small, remote island
where a pure spring
nurtures a wide variety of
herbs and spices. The
water in the spring has
medicinal value, due to
the abundant herbs nearby.
Perhaps this beautiful
garden is the true
Fountain of Youth.


Mystic Orchard

“Once upon a time, there
was a faraway island where
jeweled fruit grew on the
trees. A young man took
one of the fruits to cure
his sick mother, but in
return, had to come back
to the island to become
one of the magical trees.”
- A Yafutoman Fairy Tale


Inverse Isle

A strange island where the
trees and everything else
are upside down. The
current theory is that
this confusing phenomenon
may be caused by a flux
in the gravitational pull
caused by the presence of
Black Moon Stones at the
center of the Dark Rift.


World is Round

Until now, no one knew
what lay beyond the end of
the world, and it was
commonly thought to be a
long, turbulent drop into
nothingness. But after the
Blue Rogue Vyse returned
from his voyage around the
world, it became known
that the world was round.


Ruins of Rolana

The ruins of a city that
served as a center of
trade between Nasr and the
East. The ruins show a
remarkable blending of
the cultures of the East
and the West, driven not
by the ruling class, but
by a strong merchant


Southern Cross

A mysterious, cross-shaped
island. The building that
sits atop it is said to be
a remnant of the Purple
Civilization. Legends say
that the long arm of the
cross points toward the
location of that
civilization, but no one
has ever confirmed it.


Rainbow Island

What lies at the end of
the rainbow? It's a
question everyone asks
when they are young, but
as they grow older, it is
often forgotten. Perhaps
only the few who remember
can find the legendary
island at the end of the


Moon Stone Lake

A truly rare sight--a
waterfall that runs
through a vein of Moon
Stone. The water plunges
from above to carry away
bits of Moon Stone, and
it is said to have mystic
attributes. It is believed
that those who drink the
water enjoy a long life.


Iron Star

A strange object said to
be launched by the ancient
civilization of the Red
Moon. Its purpose has been
long forgotten, but
legends say that its Eye
could see the entire
world. Even now, sailors
navigate by its rhythmic
flashing light.



An ancient species that
predates the Ixa'takan
civilization, the
Alupas live quietly in
the forest. Their calm,
proud demeanor has earned
them the name “Sages of
the Forest.” They are also
known for choosing their
mates for life.



A civilization once
flourished in this land,
under the Green Moon. The
observatory built on the
Ixa'takan plateau speaks
to their advanced study of
astronomy--but, they could
do naught but watch, as
a shower of Moon Stones
destroyed their culture.


Dancing Lights

A natural phenomenon that
can be seen underneath
the Valuan continent,
it is said to be caused by
Yellow Moon Stones in the
electricity from the
Valuan soil. Some say that
it is caused by a giant
creature that lies deep
inside the ground.


The Mother Tree

This tree is revered by
the Yafutomans. In one of
their ancient scriptures,
it says that he who
climbs to the top of this
tree will someday conquer
the world. The tree is now
2,000 years old. To this
day, no one has ever made
it to the top.


The Ghost Ship

An unmanned shipwreck that
continues to wander the
skies. Many sailors tell
of a ghost ship that
appeared suddenly from the
fog. Some claim that it
was once the ship of the
great Air Pirate Daccat,
but no evidence has been
found to support it.



A butterfly that travels
in groups, in search of
Balloon Flower nectar.
Their remarkable endurance
allows them to cross vast
spans without sleeping or
resting. Also, the silk
produced by their larvae
is valued for its strength
and resilience.


Eclipse Point

The only place in the
world where a lunar
eclipse can be observed at
predictable intervals.
Eclipses where a golden
ring can be seen around
the Moon are seen as good
omens, and complete ec-
lipses are said to portent
an impending disaster.


Loopers' Nest

Loopers are mysterious
creatures, rarely seen
even by the most seasoned
of sailors. They nest in
the stone reefs, and their
young stay in the nests
until they mature. Loopers
are white at birth, but
turn various colors as
they age.


Flying Machine

An odd-looking ship whose
origins remain a complete
mystery. The fluid design
and strange metals used in
its hull have led to
theories of a ship built
on another world, and some
even go so far as to say
that it travelled through
areas without air.


Valuan Wreckage

20 years ago, a flagship
of the Armada disappeared
above northern Nasrad near
the end of the Valua-Nasr
War. Some theories mention
a murder attempt on the
commander of the Armada,
but the mysterious
disappearance has never
been fully explained.



A strange creature that
spends its entire life
hanging upside down by
digging its claws into the
rock face. Until it was
discovered underneath the
Valuan continent, it was
thought to be a myth. Its
intelligence and ferocity
belie its cute appearance.


Bottomless Pit

A chimney-like rocky
mountain with a hollow
center, rising up from
the Great Cloud Sea. From
the depths of the pit, it
is said that a woman's
weeping can be heard in
the wind. Could this be
the mythical entrance to
the land of the dead?


Ancient Fish

A species of fish that was
believed to have been
extinct millions of years
ago. Its vestigial gills
and fins that look like
hands and feet seem to
point to an evolutionary
path from the waters to
dry land, and then to the


Star Sand

In southern Nasr, there
was once a desert filled
with sand that would
sparkle even in the dark
of the night. But slowly,
their sparkle faded. But
legend has it that someone
saved some sand in a giant
bottle, and hid it for


Maroon Isle

Long ago, when Air Pirates
betrayed their crew or
captain, as punishment,
they were abandoned on
this island, with only a
week's supply of food. So
fearful did Pirates become
of this island, its legend
lives on in the songs of
Air Pirates even today.


Comma Rock

Legend has it that Comma
Rock was once an island
in South Ocean, thousands
of years ago. The winds
ripped the island apart,
and slowly eroded it down
over the years to the
state that it's in today.
Perhaps someday, Comma
Rock will no longer exist.


Turtala Pole

It is a wooden pole, with
the faces of people and
various animals engraved
into it's length. The
upper and lower portions
were lost years ago, so
nobody knows what its true
purpose was. A monument? A
grave? Or perhaps a store


Wings of Gold

A small machine with
giant, golden wings was
recently discovered near
the ancient city. Perhaps
the people of the ancient
world wished to be able to
fly like the birds and the
fish, so they created this
flying machine so they
could join them in flight.


Giant's Hammer

A strange structure found
in the northern regions of
Ixa'taka, it was named
Giant's Hammer for its
unusual shape. But, there
are many local legends
that tell of giants, so
perhaps the name is not
far from the truth?



A dangerous triplet of
cyclones. Sailors have
dreaded the legendary
Tricyclone for centuries.
It is said that if you
encounter it, all you can
do is pray. However, it is
also said that in the
center lies the treasures
of a thousand Air Pirates.


Map of Ages

What once used to be a
grand map of the skies,
carved into a beautiful
stone tablet is now a
weather-worn, crumbling
slab of rock. It is said
that the map is but a
portion of the original,
but nobody knows what
keeps it afloat.


Balloon Seed

There was a time when
Balloon Flowers could be
seen throughout the lands,
but now, they only exist
in history books. But,
where there are seeds,
there must be flowers.
Perhaps the history books
are not quite so accurate.


Ice Lens

A giant lens made purely
of ice, it is supposedly
impervious to heat. Legend
has it that people of the
ancient world used the
lens to burn ships out of
the sky, or to see far
away lands. But then, why
was the focal point last
centered on Glacia itself?


Paper Airship

Nobody knows how this
piece of paper survived
the trials of ages.
Perhaps it is a mystery
that will never be solved.
Some say that inscribed
upon the paper is a map
to a fabled land, but
nobody knows the truth.


Mirage Island

Lately, sailors have been
reporting sightings of
Sailors' Island, floating
around Mid Ocean. They
tried to get close to the
island, but to no avail.
Theory has it that light
reflected off Sailors'
Island is creating a
mirage of sorts.


Ryuguu Turtle

"Once upon a time, an old
man rescued a turtle who
was being picked on by the
neighborhood children.
Thanking the old man, the
turtle offered to give the
old man a ride on his
back. So, into the sky
they flew, to a far away
land." -A Yafutoman Legend


Sky Ladder

A Valuan legend states
that before the age of
airships and air balloons,
the people of the ancient
world, over many years,
build a ladder from which
they could see the entire
world. What would the
people of that era think
of Valua's own Armada?


Ryuguu Island

"And so the turtle brought
the old man to an island
of great beauty where the
beautiful Princess Oto
awaited. They laughed and
ate and danced for days.
When the turtle finally
brought the old man home,
300 years had passed."
-A Yafotman Legend


Tomb of Ice

A coffin of ice, built by
a father who could not
bear his sorrow. The girl
encased within the ice
bears an expression almost
resembling a smile. Etched
into a tablet sealed
within are the words,
"My daughter, may your
beauty be eternal."


Stone Lovers

It is said that the tomb
of a great Yafutoman king
is hidden somewhere near
the statue. The people of
Yafutoma believe that this
statue was carved after
his death, to show the
love that his people had
for him, and the love that
he had for his wife.


Deep Iron Star

A metallic relic of the
ancient world. Legend has
it that the ancients once
harnessed the power of the
Blue Moon to be able to
detect sound waves to let
them know when their
enemies were approaching.
Perhaps this machine once
served such a purpose?


Sky Train

While a railcar of a
similar nature currently
exists in Valua, this
flying train is believed
to have once carried
passengers between the
lands of the Red, Green,
and Purple Moons. Although
no more passengers board,
the Sky train carries on.


Flying Flail

An ancient history book
shows records of contests
of strength in which
athletes would spin balls
of steel at great speeds,
and launch them into the
air to see whose ball
traveled the farthest.
Could this ball be from
such a contest?


Rolling Stone

In the Dark Rift, there is
a boulder that defies the
power of the storm within
which it lives. Scientists
have tried to study the
rock to figure out how it
floats, but it moves with
such speed that any ship
that gets too close is
pulled into the depths.


Deep Snow

In the sky deep beneath
the Lands of Ice, a white
substance rises up from
beneath the clouds, like
some sort of secret
fountain. It only ever
appears in one specific
place, making it even more
difficult to understand.



It is said that longline
fishing was developed by
ancient Yafutomans as a
way to effectively catch
fish that don't travel in
big schools. It is
believed that this was one
of the first longlines
ever created.


Moon Hamachou

Thanks to the Air Pirate,
Vyse, and his friend, Doc,
the mysteries of the Moon
Hamachou have been solved.
Once fed a Moonfish, the
Moon Hamachou will undergo
a metamorphosis, and will
eventually return home to
its nest. This discovery
will go down in history.


Golden Hamachou

A bird-like unknown
creature shining gold.
They say that it is a
hybrid between Hamachou
and an ancient animal, but
details are still unknown.
If you are lucky enough to
see this rare bird, your
wish will be fulfilled.