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The cover of the first issue to feature the manga

Gekkan Magazine Z (月刊マガジンZ Monthly Magazine Z) was a mixed media magazine that ran from June 26, 1999 to January 26, 2009, featuring articles and manga. A series of Eternal Arcadia comics was published in this magazine. They were illustrated by the game's official artist, Itsuki Hoshi, and written by the game's official story consultant, Junya Fujimoto.

Chapter Month Published
Log.1 October 2000
Log.2 November 2000
Log.3 December 2000
Log.4 January 2001
Log.5 February 2001
Log.6 March 2001
Log.6-II June 2001
Log.6-III August 2001
Log.7 February 2002
Log.8 March 2002

The name of this manga can be seen on the April 2002 issue cover, however no chapter of the manga can be found in the issue. The index page displays a note on the manga going on an indefinite hiatus:


On October 5, 2001, it was announced that a digital version of the manga would be released in 2022, thanks to the efforts of Kenji Hiruta, one of the game's programmers. [1]

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