Little Jack

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Little Jack
Ship Little Jack.jpg
Owner Drachma

The Little Jack (リトルジャック号) is a ship owned by Drachma. Though the ship has aged for having been used for over 10 years, its performance is still good, and even now it functions well enough for sufficient use. Size-wise, it's about as big as a yacht. It has a number of large cannons equipped on its sides.

Japanese Information[edit | edit source]

Eternal Arcadia Gouka Visual Book[edit | edit source]


Little Jack
Playable Ship Little Jack.jpg
Initial Statistics
HP 10000 Value 150000
Spirit 2 MAXSpirit 9
Defense 20 MagDef 50
Dodge% 10 Quick 55
Initial Equipment Main Cannon
Main Cannon
Main Cannon
Standard Cannon
The Little Jack is a playable ship in Skies of Arcadia.