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Pinta's Quest (VM探検家 VM Explorer)is a mini-game solely for the Dreamcast version of Skies of Arcadia. The VMU-only game becomes available in the menu once you have reached Sailer's Island in your game save file, and have spoken with a character named Pinta. Due to the GameCube not having a VMU, the mini-game was removed from Skies of Arcadia Legends. It takes 83 blocks per file on the VMU.

This game allows the user to control a ship that travels the world map, and collect items, gold, and experience points (ship only). The items and gold can be brought back into the main game. The portion of the world map available inside Pinta's Quest corresponds to how far along you have progressed inside the story-line of your corresponding save file. If you are not far enough along, you would be restricted only to areas of the map which you have explored. There is a total of 6 events that could happen while exploring the world inside of Pinta's Quest.


Event ListEdit


The object of this event is to fill the meter on the right of the screen by pressing buttons rapidly. The best method is to tap the A and B buttons simultaneously. The higher you fill the gauge, the more EXP/Gold you will receive.

Strong WindEdit

Here your main goal is to dodge boulders for roughly 35 seconds. Maximum EXP can be achieved by not getting your ship hit by any of the boulders. If you get hit with a small rock, your exp will be reduced by 1/4 of your maximum total that can be earned. Large rocks will cost you 1/2 of your maximum total. Get hit by too many rocks, and your ship is destroyed and will need to be repaired.

Trading ShipEdit

Here, a merchant ship will approach yours and attempt to strike a trade. There are several available options for each rank of treasure that may be offered. You can select OK, or NG (which means no). If you do not have enough of the item being requested in the trade, your only available option will be to continue, with no trade occurring.

Enemy Ship BattleEdit

Here you will fight against an enemy ship by throwing rocks and dealing damage. The weak point of each ship is near it's bottom-center mass, and hits there will deal more damage. If you win, you are awarded EXP and Gold, if you die your ship must be repaired.

Treasure DiscoveryEdit

Here you will be randomly rewarded an item ranked either A, B, or C. Whichever item that is awarded is not related to your ship's level, or area of the map that you are exploring. The only exception to this is if your ship is level 100, in which case you will always be awarded A-ranked treasure.

Text EventsEdit

Here a randomly selected string of text will scroll across the screen. A list of the phrases include:

  • LET'S GO!
  • ACHOO!
  • LET'S GO!

The World MapEdit

The world map is laid out in a 7 x 6 block navigable grid. In order to change locations, simply select a new position on your map inside the Map option from the menu. There is no travel time, and you will jump from any block to any block automatically. What portion of the map that is available depends on how far along you have progressed in the story of the main game.

Ship Level & AttributesEdit

Each time you bring your ship back to port inside of your main game save file, your exp will be tallied up and your ship will gain levels depending on how many Experience Points were earned in your play through of Pinta's Quest. The higher your ship level, the greater your Attack, Defense, and HP attributes will become. Attack affects how much damage you deal to enemy ships, and Defense/HP affect how much damage you receive when enemy ships attack you. Def/HP also play a role in determining how much damage the rocks deal to your ship in the Strong Wind minigame.

Should a ship reach the maximum level of 100, your ship's attributes will also jump to maximum levels of 255 Attack, Defense, and HP. Additionally, every Treasure Discovery event will always be an A-ranked item find, and every trading ship you encounter will always offer a 3-A rank to 4-A rank item exchange.

Item Rewards ListEdit

The following items may be awarded as a result of using the "Return" command from inside your main menu in Skies of Arcadia, to bring Pinta's ship back to the port. Items in bold are either unique to Pinta's Quest, or rare. This is a complete list.


  • Sacri Crystal, Sacres Crystal, Sacrum Crystal, Sacrulen Crystal, Curia Crystal, Risan Crystal, Riselem Crystal
  • Magic Droplet
  • Magic Dew
  • Glyph of Might, Glyph of Speed
  • Healing Salve
  • Sky Sardis, Red Sardis, Grule, Rainbow Grule, Moonfish, Romuhai Fish, Hamahai Fish


  • Warrior’s Rune
  • Ghost Mail
  • Victory Mail
  • Sacrum Box, Pyri Box, Pyrum Box, Crystales Box, Crystalen Box, Wevles Box, Wevlen Box, Electri Box, Electrum Box, Sacri Box, Sacrum Box, Riselem Box, Sylenis Box, Panika Box, Driln Box, Slipara Box, Eternum Box


  • Berzerker Mail
  • Light Dress
  • Focus Robe
  • Captain’s Hat
  • Mesh Tights
  • Ivy Band
  • Wind Gem Ring
  • Eye of Truth
  • Revered Voice
  • Behemoth's Ring
  • Everlasting Gem
  • Gem of Fluidity
  • Silvite Ring
  • Constitution Gem
  • Moonberry
  • Paranta Seed, Icyl Seed, Zaal Seed, Sylph Seed, Vidal Seed, Magus Seed
  • Tropica
  • Magillex Idol, Pharax Idol, Euconyx Idol