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me200a.sct[edit | edit source]

Vyse: There's no point in resisting. Throw down your weapons and hand over your ship.

Valuan Soldier: Imbeciles! What do the two of you think you can do against the five of us? Take 'em out.

Dyne: I think you miscounted. I only see four of you.

Vyse: Dad!

Dyne: We'll take care of these guys. Make your way to the bridge and shut down the engines.

Dyne: And, when we're out here, remember, it's "Captain" ...not "Dad." Got it?

Vyse: Yeah, yeah... Aye aye, "Captain." Heh... Aika, shall we go introduce ourselves to the captain of this ship?

Aika: I'm ready when you are!

Vyse: Alright! Let's go find the bridge!

me201a.sct[edit | edit source]

Alfonso: Hah hah hah... We've finally found her...

Vice Captain: Admiral Alfonso, her ship's in range of our cannons.

Alfonso: Excellent. Prepare to fire Concussion Shells on my command but avoid hitting her ship directly. We need her alive so we can "question" her.

Alfonso: Fire!

Vice Captain: Your Excellency, the girl has been knocked unconscious, but she's unharmed. She's been taken aboard our ship.

Alfonso: Hah hah hah. The Empress will be very pleased with me. I'm sure to be rewarded... rather handsomely, I might add.

Alfonso: What? Where did that come from? It sounded like an explosion. Status report, now!

Observation Soldier: Th... the lower hull has been hit! Someone is attacking us!

Alfonso: Attacking us?! Who would dare attack a vessel of the Imperial Armada?

Observation Soldier: There's a small ship hiding in the clouds off port side!

Observation Soldier: Th... that flag... Air Pirates!!!

Valuan Soldier: Air Pirate scum! Don't you know that we're Valuan Imperial Soldiers?

Vyse: Of course I know. That's why we attacked your ship. You guys have the best stuff.

Vyse: I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues. And in a few minutes, I'll be relieving you of all your valuables!

Valuan Soldier: Heh heh... Attacking us all by yourself? You're either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. We'll be tossing you overboard.

Aika: Wait for me!!

Aika: Vyse, you left without me! I'm not going to let you have all the fun.

Aika: Oh, hi. I'm Aika. I'm a Blue Rogue like Vyse... And we're robbing you.

Valuan Soldier: You dare mock the Valuan Empire with your insolence? Kill them! And toss their corpses over the side!!

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me202a.sct[edit | edit source]

Fina: It's so beautiful...

Vyse: I love it up here, it's so peaceful. I come up here to relax and watch the sunsets.

Vyse: When I'm up here, I often wonder what lies beyond the sky... Beyond the sunset...

Fina: Beyond... the sky...?

Vyse: Some say there're monsters. Others say there's a maelstrom that either blows ships away, or pulls them in... and they're never seen again.

Vyse: And there are others that just say it's... impossible...

Fina: ......

Vyse: I want to know what's out there...

Vyse: Besides, I don't like giving up on anything without giving it my best shot.

Vyse: Someday, I will be the captain of my own ship, I'll go beyond that sunset, and I'll see what's out there.

Aika: Wow... I bet if you could go beyond the sunset, the sky would look even more beautiful.

Vyse: ika)Hey!!

Vyse: ...That was a Moon Stone!

Fina: ... a Moon Stone?

Vyse: ...It landed on that island over there. I think that's Shrine Island.

Aika: It's been a long time since we've seen a Moon Stone fall!

Fina: I don't understand. That was a Moon Stone?

Aika: That's right. Fina, you've heard of Moon Stones before, right?

Aika: They're pieces of rock that fall from the Moons. They usually crash land on the islands. They're a really powerful source of energy, too.

Aika: We use them for all sorts of things. They power our air ships and we can also forge weapons out of them.

Fina: Oh, yes. I know of Moon Stones.

Fina: But, it's my first time seeing a Moon Stone actually fall from the sky.

Aika: Vyse, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Vyse: Yeah, we should try to recover the Moon Stone. Let's go first thing tomorrow.

Vyse's Mother: Vyse! Aika! Fina!

Vyse's Mother: Dinner is ready! Come on down!

Vyse: Let's go, Fina. You're going to eat with us, right?

Aika: We're so lucky!! I love your mom's cooking...

Aika: Fina, let's go eat while it's still hot!

Fina: Yes, thank you for your gracious offer.

me203a.sct[edit | edit source]

Drachma: ......

Drachma: Hrmph... Should I have left those kids there? Bah! What am I worryin' about? Someone else will take care of them.

Drachma: ...Hmm?

Drachma: Wait... that ship! It looks like...

Drachma: ......

me204a.sct[edit | edit source]

Belleza: You may have won the battle, but you are far from winning the war. There are 5 Crystals left.

Belleza: The Valuan Armada never makes the same mistake twice. You shall not defeat us again.

Vyse: And we won't make the same mistake of underestimating you again either. We'll get those Crystals.

Vyse: Fina, where should we go next?

Fina: Southwest of Nasr, beyond the South Ocean...

Fina: There is a continent under the Green Moon.

Vyse: Really?! There's a continent on the other side of the South Ocean?!

Fina: Yes. The Green Crystal should be there.

Belleza: Ha, that's the continent of Ixa'taka. Our soldiers are already there.

Belleza: Besides, the South Ocean has a strong headwind. You'll never make it across with that tiny ship of yours.

Drachma: No need to worry about that.

Drachma: We're takin' your ship's engine. With that much power, we can get across South Ocean in no time.

Belleza: What?! Then how am I going to get back?!

Aika: We all decided that you should go back on foot. You trick us... we take your engine... I think we're even now.

Aika: What was that saying? "Only those who have walked through the desert can truly know its size."

Belleza: You want me to... walk?

Belleza: ... Heh. Well... I guess I don't have much of a choice.

Belleza: I never actually thought I would truly know the size of the desert...

Belleza: You win this time. But, Valua is more powerful than you can imagine.

Belleza: And the trip to Ixa'taka is long and perilous... The chance that you'll survive long enough to get there is pretty slim.

Belleza: Are you sure you still want to go? You still have time to reconsider.

Vyse: Real sailors aren't afraid of the unknown.

Vyse: I want to see the world...

Vyse: I'm not going to rest until I've left my mark on it, and I won't let anything or anyone stand in my way.

Belleza: ... I understand... You're rash and impulsive... I hope you survive long enough for us to meet again.

Belleza: Hey, handsome...

You received the "Red Moon Crystal."

me205a.sct[edit | edit source]

Aika: Visibility is horrible! Vyse, the fog's too thick! I can barely see!

Vyse: That's strange... there's never any fog in this region... I wonder what's causing it.

Vyse: The only way to get to Valua is through here... Slow to half speed...

Aika: Vyse, wait... we're too close to that island over there!

Vyse: What? Where?

Aika: Aaahh!

Aika: Vyse! Look!

Aika: It... it's not an island! Whatever it is... it's alive!

Vyse: What the...?! It's an arcwhale!

Vyse: I've never seen one this big before!

Aika: Vyse, we'll get killed if we get too close to it, but we've got to hurry to Valua.

Aika: Vyse, what should we do?

What will you do?: "Attack it!" "Retreat!" "... I don't know!"

Vyse: We've got to hurry and it's in our way! If we don't do anything, it'll probably knock us out of the sky anyway!

Aika: What are you talking about, Vyse?! Are you crazy? How are we going to fight it in this little ship? We don't even have cannons!

Aika: What do you want to do... 10,000 Cutlass Furies?! There's no way we can kill that thing! We'll be okay as long as it doesn't see us.

Vyse: What do you think we're going to do? Of course we're going to retreat! We don't stand a chance against that thing in this ship!

Vyse: I know we're in a hurry, but if that thing capsizes us, everyone we know will be executed. We'd better play it safe...

Aika: Okay. I can't argue with that. We'll be okay as long as it doesn't see us!

Vyse: ... I don't know. Aika, what do you think we should do?

Aika: Vyse! Everyone is depending on you! If you want to become a captain someday, you'll have to be more decisive than that!

Aika: Without any cannons, there's no way we can take that thing out. It's best that we retreat! As long as it doesn't see us, we'll be okay!

Aika: Aaaah!

Aika: Vyse! It saw us!

Vyse: Grab hold of something and brace yourself! Don't let go!

Aika: But... but... The ship! It's breaking up!

Vyse: ika)Aaaaahhhhhh!!!

Air Pirate: Captain Baltor! There's a Nasr merchant ship coming into view off port-side!

Air Pirate: But, there's a strange ship following it very closely... I don't recognize its markings.

Baltor: Gahahahahaha! You have nothing to fear from a ship THAT old!

Baltor: Let's introduce these fools to the true meaning of fear! They will know that I, Baltor, sent them plummeting to their deaths!!!

Baltor: Alright men! Battlestations!!!

Baltor: Don't let them escape! And take everything on board that isn't nailed down!

Aika: Vyse, there's a ship straight ahead, heading right for us! I see a black skull and... They're Black Pirates!

Vyse: So that's Baltor, huh? What should we do, Captain?

Drachma: We're vastly outnumbered. Don't let them board us. We'll fight it out from a distance. Ready the cannons.

Drachma: If you see them attack, I want you to go into evasive maneuvers. Then, when they're in your sights, blast them.

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain! Let's rip 'em to shreds... Sir!

Vyse: Looks like we've reached Valuan airspace.

Vyse: So, this is where the Yellow Crystal is hidden, right?

Fina: Yes. It is sealed somewhere in these lands, along with the Yellow Gigas.

Aika: Considering how much trouble we've caused the Valuans already, we should be extra careful, right Cap'n?

Drachma: ......

Aika: ... Cap'n? What's wrong?

Drachma: Ah... um... nothing. I'm sorry... were you saying something?

Aika: Nothing really. It wasn't anything important.

Air Pirate: Captain Baltor! There's a really, really powerful looking ship coming our way off port side!

Air Pirate: It's... the ship that everyone's talking about! The Delphinus! The one that the Blue Rogue, Vyse, commands!

Baltor: GAHAHAHA!!! So, Vyse... we meet again!

Baltor: This time, I have a little something special for you!

Baltor: Alright men! On the pride of the Black Pirates, kill them all!

Aika: Vyse! Black Pirates, dead ahead! Wait... hey! Isn't that Baltor's ship?!

Vyse: Heh... looks like they've done a little work on their own ship as well! Let's go test out their new defenses for them!

me208a.sct[edit | edit source]

King Ixa'taka: Isapa, now that you are free, and the Valuans are busy looking for Vyse and his friends, we can summon the mighty Giant.

King Ixa'taka: Awaken, Giant of the Forest! I who hold the Sacred Green Stone, command you to destroy our enemies.

Isapa: Vyse... Please forgive us...

Isapa: There is no other way for us to save the forests and people of Ixa'taka...

me209a.sct[edit | edit source]

Aika: Aah!

Aika: Who's that?! Vyse, there's something about this guy... I'm not sure what it is, but I don't think we can take him.

Vyse: Yeah... And he looks really mad too!

Vyse: Aika, here's the plan... Run!!! We have to get Fina before he catches us!

Aika: I'm so glad you're safe, Fina! We were worried about you.

Fina: Vyse... Aika... How did you... Why?

Vyse: Why do you think? We're here to save you!

Fina: You mean... you did all this... just for... me?

Aika: Aww, Fina... We're friends! We weren't going to let them take you from us.

Fina: Thank you both so much!

Fina: Honestly, I... I was so scared... I was all alone... I was afraid that they were going to hurt me.

Fina: Oh, thank you... I'm... I'm so grateful!

Vyse: Everything is okay now, Fina. Now, let's get out of here!

Galcian: I can't allow that.

Vyse: What?! He found us!

Galcian: I am Galcian, Lord of the Imperial Armada.

Galcian: You have caused us a great deal of trouble, boy. What is your name?

Vyse: I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues. I just thought you were the guy that cleaned the rail cars.

Galcian: Ah... so you are the one who made a fool out of Alfonso.

Galcian: That girl is worth nothing to you Air Pirates. Hand her over to me.

Galcian: I guarantee that your lives, as well as that of the girl, will be spared. Is it a deal?

What will you do?: "Never!" "... Sounds fair..."

Vyse: Never! I don't know what you want with her...

Vyse: But you're Valuans. Whatever it is, it can't be good.

Galcian: Do you honestly think that after attacking the Valuan Armada you'll be able to fly the skies freely?

Vyse: We're Air Pirates. We don't need your permission for anything... If we see something we want, we take it.

Galcian: That's very disappointing. I'm afraid you leave me no choice... I must destroy you.

Vyse: ...Sounds fair... We'll hand over Fina if you can guarantee that she won't be harmed.

Aika: How can you do that Vyse?! Are you crazy!?

Aika: You can't have her!

Galcian: That's very disappointing. I'm afraid you leave me no choice... I will destroy you both.

Vyse: The Little Jack!

Vyse: Fina should be at the front of the rail car. Let's go!

me213a.sct[edit | edit source]

Valuan Soldier: Lord Galcian. As you ordered, I brought the girl to see you.

Galcian: Excellent. You may leave.

Valuan Soldier: As you wish...

Galcian: At last we meet... Fina. You cannot imagine how much trouble the Armada has gone through to find you.

Fina: ...! How did you know my name?

Galcian: I am Galcian, the Sworn Protector of Valua and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armada.

Galcian: I am under direct orders from Her Royal Highness, Empress Teodora, to find you and bring you back to Valua.

Galcian: As a citizen of the Silver Civilization, you have information that is useful to us. Will you help us?

Fina: ......

Galcian: I see. I did not expect you to help us without the proper motivation.

Galcian: However... I believe we have the same goals. So, wouldn't it be best for us to help each other?

Fina: ......

Galcian: ...We will reach Valua in half a day.

Galcian: Enjoy the comforts of the brig until then.

me215a.sct[edit | edit source]

King Ixa'taka: Sacred Giant! Destroy our enemies... Chase them from our lands forever!

De Loco: Hehehe... Well, it looks like Grendel's awake...

Vice Captain: Admiral De Loco! The experimental Moon Stone Cannon is ready!

De Loco: Looks like it's time for me to test out my newest weapon! Target King Ixa'taka's ship!

Vice Captain: ... What? Sir, you're not going to fire at the Gigas?

De Loco: The Gigas only follows the commands of the person holding the Crystal.

De Loco: So, if we destroy King Ixa'taka's ship, the Gigas will be defenseless.

De Loco: This is what happens when you cross me! Fire the Moon Stone Cannon!!!

King Ixa'taka: Aaaaarrrrggghhh!

Isapa: Wake up... Wake up!!!

Isapa: This is not good... he passed out. We must retreat!

Isapa: King Ixa'taka was controlling the Gigas... Until he wakes up, it's going to destroy everything in its path!

De Loco: Hehehe... So close!! It looks like there is still some fine tuning to be done.

De Loco: I'm sure Vyse has seen the Gigas and he's probably on his way right now to try and save everyone. Be ready for him.

Vice Captain: Sir! A ship has been spotted off port side!

De Loco: He's here! He's here! I've been waiting for this!

De Loco: Well, Vyse... it's time to die...

De Loco: Wait till you feel the power of my Moon Stone Cannon! You should feel honored that you are helping me test out my greatest creation ever!

Aika: Grendel is in range... But, there's a ship in front of it! It's De Loco!!!

Drachma: It looks like we'll have to get past De Loco first. Look out for that cannon.

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain! Bring it on, De Loco!

me216a.sct[edit | edit source]

Fat Guy: Cold Ocean starfish soup, Valuan chicken with onion sauce, and a mountain of flying fish!

Fat Guy: This is wonderful! The ship that we hit yesterday really had some great food on board!

Air Pirate: Captain Gordo! A ship armed with a gigantic harpoon has been sighted off the port side!

Gordo: I see... good, good! Another ship full of goodies is there for the taking!

Gordo: I'll take on anyone if I think they have good food on board.

Gordo: I really hope they have something that goes good with fish...

Aika: Vyse! There's a ship heading right for us. And they're Black Pirates.

Drachma: I know that flag... It belongs to a pirate named Gordo. He's known as the Gourmet Pirate. He attacks other ships and steals their food.

Drachma: He rarely uses his cannons because he's afraid he'll burn the food on the other ships. He'll do anything for a good meal.

Drachma: As far as Black Pirates go, he's a strange one.

Vyse: You're telling me. He's getting awfully close...

Aika: They're boarding us! They're challenging us to hand to hand combat.

Vyse: Well, while they're here, we might as well kick their butts...

me219a.sct[edit | edit source]

Aika: Ugh... uh...

Aika: How did we end up in this place? And where exactly are we?

Fina: This place does seem peculiar... I don't see Vyse or Captain Drachma anywhere... I hope they're okay.

Aika: ... They're probably fine... They're both too stubborn to die that easily...

Aika: Hmmm... I wonder who saved us?

Young Woman: Oh! You're awake!

Young Woman: There's no need to get up just yet. Let's see, what can I get you...

Young Woman: How about a nice, hot bowl of soup?

Aika: Sure! That would be great! Oh, my name's Aika.

Fina: And I'm Fina. Thank you so much for saving us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Young Woman: Aika and Fina... You both have such pretty names!

Young Woman: You two are lucky that I found your lifeboat. You were both unconscious.

Young Woman: What exactly happened? I love exciting stories.

Aika: ......

Young Woman: Ah, don't worry about it. If you don't want to tell me, I won't force you to.

Young Woman: But, by the looks of you... I'd say that you two are Air Pirates.

Aika: ......

Young Woman: Haha... looks like I guessed right.

Young Woman: You don't have anything to worry about, my dear...

Young Woman: Because I'm an Air Pirate, too!

Fina: What?

Aika: Really?

Young Woman: Yes. I am Clara, of the Blue Rogues. Pleased to meet you!

Clara: Ah... I see.

Clara: I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Vyse is probably fine!

Clara: You girls like him, right?

Clara: You have to have faith in your man...

Aika: Um... yeah...

Fina: ......

Girl Sailor: Captain Clara!

Girl Sailor: Captain! We'll be reaching Nasrad in a few moments!

Clara: Okay... Prepare for landing.

Clara: We'll be landing in Nasr's Capital, Nasrad, very soon.

Clara: Nasrad is a very large city. Who knows? Maybe you can find out where Vyse is while we're there.

me220a.sct[edit | edit source]

Vyse: Aika! Signal Belleza's ship!

Vyse: Tell them that we will attack if they don't call off the Gigas.

Aika: Aye aye that!

Drachma: Now, all we need is for that lady admiral to listen to our demands...

Vyse: Don't worry, Captain. Belleza is not the kind of person that would needlessly sacrifice the lives of her crew.

Vyse: I'm sure she'll call off the Gigas.

Fina: Belleza... Please...

Fina: Vyse! Look! The Gigas...!

Aika: There was a reply from Belleza's ship: "We have called off the Gigas. We are making an emergency landing."

Aika: I repeat: "We have called off the Gigas. We are making an emergency landing."

Vyse: We did it!

me222a.sct[edit | edit source]

Air Pirate: Captain Gilder!

Gilder: Uhhh... Not again, Lola... Let me sleep a little longer...

Air Pirate: ... Captain!!! Uhh... Captain... You need to wake up!

Gilder: ... Huh? Oh...

Air Pirate: We just picked up a boy stranded on a deserted island. He says that he's been there for two weeks!

Air Pirate: Judging by the way he's dressed, he's probably an Air Pirate. He looks like he's about 17. He's pretty much still a baby.

Willy: Oh Baby! Oh Baby!

Gilder: He's a lucky kid... he was only stranded for two weeks.

Gilder: But, if it was me and I was stuck on an island without any women for two whole weeks... I'm not sure if I would have made it!!!

Gilder: So, you're the guy that was stranded?

Gilder: Hmm... and you're dressed like an Air Pirate. What's your name, kid?

Vyse: I'm Vyse. Thank you for saving me. Are you the captain of this ship?

Gilder: Yes, I am. Just call me Gilder.

Gilder: The ship's name is Claudia. And this "beast" on my shoulder here is Willy.

Gilder: Come to the bridge. I want to hear about your adventures.

Gilder: Hahahahaha!!! You've defeated three of the Armada's Admirals and escaped from the Grand Fortress?

Gilder: I like you, Vyse. I wouldn't expect anything less from an Air Pirate.

Gilder: Personally, I'm constantly searching for adventure.

Gilder: Treasure, brawls... and women. There are tons of things in this world that make me happy.

Gilder: "Women are like sunsets... They're beautiful, but there will be a different one tomorrow," that's my motto.

What do you say?: "That's a good motto." "That's a little messed up..."

Vyse: That's a good motto. I'm sure with your looks, you get all the women.

Gilder: Hahhahahaha! Hey... I don't want another guy to tell me that!

Gilder: But thanks for the compliment. Oh, and I do get all the women.

Vyse: That's messed up! How can you be a captain with an attitude like that?

Gilder: Hahhahahaha! You're right. But, strangely enough, here I am, commanding my own ship.

Gilder: But what about yourself? Here you are battling Valua and chasing Rhaknam all over the world. You're not the type to settle down either.

Gilder: So, you've been away from your ship for two weeks, right? I'll bet you really miss sailing. Go ahead. Take the wheel.

Vyse: Wha?! Really? You'd let me...?

Gilder: I don't care... Anyone who's accomplished what you have knows his way around a ship.

Gilder: The Claudia's a little on the sensitive side, but you'll get the hang of her in no time...

Gilder: I'm heading to Nasrad. It's the capital of Nasr, due south from here.

Gilder: If you get lost, just look at the map and get your bearings. Alright! Let's go!

Gilder has joined your party.

Air Pirate: Captain! There's a suspicious looking ship heading straight for us... it's coming in fast! And it's pink!

Gilder: What? I wonder who... Oh, no...

Clara: There you are, my love! You can't play hard to get forever.

Clara: My heart belongs to you!!!

Gilder: Yup... It's Clara, alright...

Gilder: Hmm... in some ways, she's even more frightening than the Armada!

Gilder: Okay, here's the plan.

Gilder: Vyse, you and I are going to take a lifeboat to Nasrad and my crew will sail my ship in the opposite direction as a decoy.

Gilder: Whaddaya say? Sounds like a plan?

Vyse: Umm... Okay. But you're the captain... Is it alright for you to leave your ship?

Gilder: Heh heh... don't worry about it. Titles mean nothing to me.

Gilder: And I told you earlier, didn't I? I'm always searching for adventure.

Gilder: Alright, everyone! Time for Operation Clara... You know the routine. Catch up with us later.

Air Pirates: Aye aye!

Gilder: Haha... works every time.

Gilder: Alright Vyse, let's head south. Let's see what kind of fun Nasrad has to offer.

Gilder has joined your party.

me230a.sct[edit | edit source]

Imperial Guard: Lord Galcian brings good news, Your Majesty.

Galcian: Indeed I do... Your Highness... I am sure you will be pleased.

Galcian: As you have requested, my forces have captured a Silvite.

Teodora: Ahhh... Excellent work, Galcian. You have yet to fail me.

Teodora: So, this is what a Silvite looks like. Hmm... Such a beautiful girl. Her clothes are... interesting... A nice specimen...

Teodora: Today we have taken another step closer to our main objective. Soon the Valuan Empire shall rule the world.

Fina: ......

Teodora: You seem... sad, young one. Why do you not rejoice with us? You shall witness our finest hour.

Teodora: You have the knowledge that we seek. You can assist us.

Teodora: Hahaha... All who oppose us shall fall... Their islands will be reduced to ash and dust.

Teodora: Anyone who stands in our way will be destroyed!

Teodora: And you, young one, shall help us...

Enrique: Mother... Ruling the world by force is not something that I am sure I approve of.

Enrique: An empire that does not listen to the plight of its people is destined to fall...

Teodora: Enrique, you still have much to learn. You cannot walk the path of an emperor and concern yourself with the petty worries of the "people."

Enrique: But, Mother!

Teodora: Now now, Enrique... I am building an empire for you... Since you shall inherit the throne when I pass on, you should pay more attention.

Teodora: Well then, young lady! I know that there are 6 Moon Crystals and that they have been scattered all over the world.

Teodora: I also know that he who controls the Moon Crystals controls weapons of mass destruction... I believe your people refer to them as... Gigas!

Teodora: When the Gigas are ours, we shall rule the world!!! Now, young lady... You will tell me where to find the Moon Crystals.

Fina: I will die before I tell you.

Teodora: What did you say!?

Fina: You do not understand how powerful the Gigas really are.

Fina: The Gigas were great weapons of destruction built by the Old World... they are more powerful than you can imagine.

Teodora: And that is precisely why Valua must obtain these weapons.

Teodora: Since we are the most powerful empire, we should have full control over them. And once we have them, we shall rule the world!

Fina: No! Humans must never control the Moon Crystals and the Gigas ever again!

Fina: Power hungry dictators like you are the reason humans must never control them!

Teodora: You dare insult me?! The Empress of the great Valuan Empire?! In my own palace?!?

Teodora: Kill her! Kill her! Kill the little wench! Off with her head!

Enrique: Mother! Think about what you are saying! You cannot kill her, she's done nothing wrong!

Teodora: Are you saying that this girl is innocent, Enrique... even after she insulted me so?!

Teodora: Kill her! Kill her now!

Fina: Please! You must believe me! The power of the Gigas is not to be underestimated!

Messenger: Lord Galcian, I bring urgent news! Someone has broken into the Coliseum and freed the Blue Rogues!

Galcian: What?! I am on my way.

Galcian: Take the girl to the ship and bring her to the Grand Fortress immediately.

Imperial Guard: Yes, Lord Galcian!

Galcian: Your Majesty, I request permission to deploy the Armada.

Galcian: I will take the girl with me and she will guide me to the Moon Crystals.

Teodora: Very well, then! Use the power of the Armada and bring the Crystals to me!

Galcian: Of course, Your Majesty. However, I have but one humble request...

Galcian: I would like to request that a new addition be made to our highest ranking officers...

Galcian: I would like to recommend my Vice Captain, Ramirez, for the position.

Teodora: Do as you wish. In return, I want you to give me your word that you will bring me those Crystals!

Galcian: As you wish, Your Majesty.

Soldier: You heard the Admiral... Get up!

Fina: Ramirez?

Imperial Guard: Silence, wench! You shall pay for your insolence!

Fina: Ugh...

Teodora: Well done, Galcian. Nasr was our only enemy with a navy. Now we rule the skies unopposed.

Teodora: Soon, the whole world will bow before the might of Valua... And they will see me as their ruler.

Galcian: Yes, Your Highness...

Teodora: It is my understanding that the Silvite girl and those Air Pirates had the Moon Crystals in their possession when they were captured.

Teodora: Bring the girl and the Crystals to me. As for those Air Pirates...

Teodora: I want them executed in Lower City. I want the people to witness their deaths...

Galcian: I will personally see to it that everything goes as you...

Enrique: Wait!

Enrique: Mother! I just heard that our fleet destroyed Nasrad while it was defenseless.

Enrique: How could you... Why did you have to murder so many innocent people?!

Enrique: I know that we are acquiring more lands, but if we use these brutal tactics, the people will rise up and rebel against us.

Enrique: Please, we've made our point... Pull our troops out of Nasr.

Teodora: Silence, Enrique!

Teodora: It is Valua's destiny to span across the world and bask in the glory of the six Moons!

Teodora: How do you expect us to conquer the world without a little bloodshed?

Enrique: But, Mother...

Teodora: How can you expect to inherit the throne of the empire I worked so hard to build. You're too much of a coward! Remove yourself from my sight.

Enrique: ...

Enrique: Very well...

You have lost the "Red Moon Crystal" and the "Green Moon Crystal."

Teodora: Thank you for informing me, Alfonso. You have done well.

Alfonso: Of course... I am your loyal servant, Your Highness. And those personal matters of which I spoke...?

Teodora: Hahahaha... Very well, Alfonso. I shall grant you what you wish.


Teodora: Enrique?!

Teodora: You've finally come back! So, at last... you've come to your senses and returned to us...

Enrique: No, Mother... I have come to warn you of impending danger.

Enrique: Admiral Galcian has betrayed you and is planning on taking over the world. We must try to stop him!

Teodora: Yes, my boy, I know. Alfonso here was kind enough to inform me of Admiral Galcian's plans.

Teodora: It seems that he is gathering the Moon Crystals in order to call down the Rains of Destruction.

Enrique: What?! So... that was his plan all along!

Enrique: Mother, we must act quickly! We need to get all of our people to shelter!

Teodora: Enrique, please, calm yourself. We must think of the situation at hand.

Teodora: If we can get the Moon Crystals in our possession, our dreams of ruling the world will come true at last!

Teodora: I have made Alfonso the new Commander of the Valuan Armada and we shall fight Galcian.

Enrique: Mother! This is not to be taken lightly! You can't... He's too powerful!

Belleza: ...Your Highness?

Alfonso: Do not fear, Your Highness. All of my failures up until this point were by Lord Galcian's orders.

Alfonso: If I act on my own accord, I shall bring Galcian to justice.

Teodora: Hahahaha... Good Alfonso... Good...

Enrique: ...I see. Very well, then. You leave me no choice...

Teodora: What?

Teodora: Enrique! What are you doing?!

Enrique: ...Mother. If you continue like this, you will destroy Valua!

Enrique: I must do this... for my country... for my people...

Alfonso: Aaahhh!!

Teodora: Enrique, sheath your sword at once!

Belleza: Your Highness... Please forgive me.

Teodora: Belleza! Enrique has been brainwashed by the Air Pirates! He's gone mad!

Teodora: Imprison him in the Grand Fortress until he comes to his senses!

Belleza: Please! Your Highness, wait! I, I...

Alfonso: As the new commander of the Valuan Armada, I order you to take the prince to the Grand Fortress and lock him up.

Alfonso: If you have any complaints, you can take them up with the executioner when your head is resting on the block.

Belleza: Grr...

me232a.sct[edit | edit source]

Mikado: So, you came from the land where the sun sets. Welcome to Yafutoma.

Mikado: My daughter, Moegi, has always been intrigued with the West. Haven't you, my dear?

Moegi: Yes, father. Please, I would love to hear all about your homeland.

Moegi: And if there is anything that we can do for you, just ask.

Aika: Sure, but I don't want to be too much of a burden.

Kangan: King Mikado... as an advisor of the Royal Court, I must say that I am opposed to the idea of foreigners entering our lands.

Kangan: Foreigners have only brought us disaster. We must cleanse them from our lands immediately!

Muraji: I agree with my father! The Westerners can only bring us trouble. We should dispose of them at once.

Mikado: They are our guests. We must welcome them. They can teach us a great deal about the West. And there is much we can teach them as well.

Mikado: ...But I would like to know why you have traveled to Yafutoma.

Vyse: We're searching for the Moon Crystals to prevent our enemies from using them to destroy the world.

Vyse: It is rumored that the Blue Crystal is here.

Mikado: The Blue Crystal? Hmm... I think you are referring to the jewel that has the powers of the Blue Moon.

Mikado: The object that you are searching for lies underneath Mount Kazai. Here in Yafutoma, we refer to the object as the Maga Sphere.

Mikado: Mount Kazai is considered by our people to be a holy mountain. And deep within the mountain... lies an azure-colored jewel.

Mikado: Our ancestors passed the jewel to the successors of the throne. After the cataclysm, the jewel was sealed inside Mount Kazai.

Aika: An azure-colored jewel? Vyse! That has to be the Moon Crystal!

Mikado: At one time, Mount Kazai was a volcano, and there is no known way inside. The Maga Sphere has been lost since the days of the Old World...

Mikado: If you were to retrieve it for us, we would be eternally grateful...

Vyse: So, the Maga Sphere is at the bottom of that huge mountain? Leave it to us.

Vyse: Don't worry... we'll get it back for you!

Mikado: You have done exceptionally well! No one in Yafutoma has seen the Maga Sphere since the days of the Old World.

Mikado: You are the first to make it back alive from the depths of Mount Kazai. How can I repay you for risking your lives to recover it?

Vyse: Well... as we mentioned earlier, we were wondering if it would be alright if we borrowed it.

Mikado: Hmm... But it is the symbol of royal succession...

Mikado: I would like to keep it in my possession at least while you remain in Yafutoma.

Vyse: Umm... Sure...

Aika: Symbol of royal succession, huh? That makes sense why they want to keep it.

Aika: Moegi... you're Lord Mikado's daughter, right? So does that make you the successor to the throne?

Mikado: Um...

Moegi: ......

Mikado: Well, thank you for retrieving the Maga Sphere!

Mikado: Let us begin the preparations for the feast! Make yourselves at home and enjoy the festivities!

Aika: Alright! That's more like it! I can't wait to taste the gourmet cooking of Yafutoma!

Vyse: We would be honored to join you, especially Aika.

Enrique: ......

Enrique: Princess... Hmm...

You handed the "Blue Moon Crystal" over to Lord Mikado.

Mikado: Good morning, Vyse. Did you rest well?

Vyse: Yes, I slept like a rock. That was my first time sleeping on a... floor... mattress... thing.

Mikado: Hahaha, I see. I am glad you were comfortable.

Yafutoman Soldier: Lord Mikado! It's an emergency!

Yafutoman Soldier: Black ships have surrounded the city! And what appears to be their flagship is attempting to dock in our harbor.

Mikado: What?!

Vyse: Black ships...? Oh no...

Aika: It must be the Armada!! Vyse, let's hurry back to the port!

Muraji: Father...

Kangan: Yes... Yes... I know...

Mikado: No! I will never let the Valuans occupy Yafutoma!

Belleza: But, King Mikado... you do realize that your country's pitiful army wouldn't last a day against the Armada.

Belleza: To prevent unnecessary bloodshed, I recommend that you surrender.

Mikado: We will never surrender! We will never hand Yafutoma over to a band of bloodthirsty warlords like yourselves.

Mikado: We are protected by the Blue Moon. In the past, whenever our country was threatened, the Blue Winds came to our aid and saved our lands.

Mikado: If you attack us, the winds will blow you into the Dark Rift. Valua will never occupy Yafutoma. Do you hear me? Never!

Belleza: I'm sorry you didn't see things our way. It appears that this meeting is at an end.

Belleza: Then, I will gain possession of Yafutoma... by my own means.

Mikado: What sort of treachery is this?!

Muraji: Heh heh heh... If you do not keep quiet, you'll be a head shorter.

Mikado: Muraji... You traitor!

Kangan: Belleza, in accordance with our meeting last night, this country will fall under the rule of the Valuan Empire.

Mikado: Kangan! What are you saying?!

Kangan: King Mikado... as Lady Belleza stated, we have no hope of winning a war against Valua.

Kangan: To save our people, we shall usurp your power and assume our role as leaders of Yafutoma.

Vigoro: Wow! Belleza... I'm glad we're on the same side!

Belleza: Don't relax yet, big guy. Not while the kid is still around.

Belleza: Take King Mikado prisoner and find those Air Pirates.

Mikado: Brave adventurers from the West... I thank you for saving Yafutoma.

Enrique: But it was my country that caused all of this...

Enrique: I am terribly sorry for all of the trouble caused by the Valuans... I don't know how I can make it up to you.

Mikado: Prince Enrique, please... raise your head. Daigo has explained everything to me.

Mikado: You feel responsible because you are a Valuan Prince, but it is not your fault.

Enrique: Thank you for understanding... but we have only won the battle. As we speak, the Armada is regrouping...

Enrique: Until Valua sets itself back down the path of righteousness, I will continue to fight them.

Mikado: I see... very well then. I will pray for your well being.

Mikado: And perhaps the Maga Sphere will aid you in your fight. Take it with you.

Aika: Really? Are you sure it's okay? Didn't you say it's necessary in appointing a successor to the throne?

Mikado: Hahaha... it doesn't matter. Even without a symbol, I have such an accomplished successor already.

Daigo: I've also decided to return to my father and accept the responsibility of defending my people.

Vyse: That's great... Hey, what happened to Kangan and Muraji?

Daigo: They were exiled to Tenkou Island.

Daigo: We figured that if they spent some time in exile, they'd realize what they've done and become better people. Or kill each other.

Aika: Ahaha, I like that plan! It serves them right!

Daigo: That reminds me, I noticed that your ship isn't capable of going to great heights or depths.

Daigo: Here, take this with you.

Daigo: This is from my people. It contains all of the knowledge necessary to enable your ship to fly higher or lower than you've ever imagined.

Moegi has joined your crew as a "Delegate."

Vyse: Wow! Thank you!

Vyse: I'll make sure we put it to good use!

Moegi: ......

Moegi: ...Father. I have something to ask of you.

Moegi: I... Please, let me go with these people.

Mikado: What?!

Moegi: If what they say is true, then there are matters of great importance occurring in the West.

Moegi: You and Daigo both said you will stay here to protect our country.

Moegi: But I am helping defend our country... by helping these people on their quest.

Mikado: Hmmm...

Daigo: Well said, Moegi. I am proud to have you as a sister.

Daigo: Prince Enrique... I speak to you not as a fellow prince, but as a brother concerned for his sister's well being. Please take care of her...

Enrique: You have my word. I will defend her with my life.

Enrique: Princess... Let us join forces and return peace to this world.

Moegi: Yes. Prince Enrique... I entrust my life to you.

Mikado: Very well then... It appears I do not have much choice in this matter anyway.

Aika: Enrique! You're getting much more reliable by the minute!

Aika: You seem like a different person! Just until recently, all I ever saw of you was the back of your head leaning over the railing of the ship!

Enrique: AIKA!!! Do you have to constantly remind me about that?!

Vyse: Ahahahaha!!! She's right, Enrique!

Vyse: Alright! Let's go home!

You received the "Blue Moon Crystal." You received the "Book on Polarity."

me235a.sct[edit | edit source]

King Ixa'taka: I am sorry. I was not expecting guests. I am the king of Ixa'taka.

King Ixa'taka: So, you are the people that have come from the Eastern skies. The high priests informed me of your arrival.

King Ixa'taka: They also told me that you drove off the fire- breathing ship that was destroying our land.

King Ixa'taka: I thank you on behalf of my people, the forests, and Quetya.

Aika: It was nothing... really... We were just doing what we thought was the right thing to do.

King Ixa'taka: I was driven from my land and forced to live in this... hut. I am sorry, but I am not in the position to compensate you for your bravery.

King Ixa'taka: However, I will do anything that is within my power as king to reward you. Is there anything I can do for you?

Vyse: Actually, your Majesty, we did have something to ask of you. We are looking for the Green Moon Crystal...

King Ixa'taka: The Green Moon Crystal? Perhaps you speak of the legendary Sacred Green Stone.

King Ixa'taka: The men from Valua came looking for the same thing, but I don't know where it is.

King Ixa'taka: However, if the Stone did exist, it would probably be located in the Lost City of Rixis.

Aika: Lost City?

Fina: Rixis... I believe that was the name of the capital of Ixa'taka in the Old World.

King Ixa'taka: You are correct. And it is said that the buildings... even the streets were made of pure gold.

Aika: Gold?!?!?!?!? Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's find Rixis right now!

Vyse: Calm down, Aika. You're embarassing me. So, do you know where Rixis is located?

King Ixa'taka: I'm afraid not. It has been hidden for generations... Our people call it the City of Mists. It may not even exist anymore...

King Ixa'taka: One of my High Priests knows a great deal about the Old World. His name is Isapa. If anyone would know, it would be him.

Vyse: I see... Would it be alright for us to meet Isapa?

King Ixa'taka: Hmm... Isapa is not here.

King Ixa'taka: The Valuans took him to Sacred Mountain... In the mountain is a mine that contains what you call "Moon Stones".

Aika: So, the Valuans kidnapped one of your High Priests and he's being held prisoner in Moon Stone Mountain... Vyse, what should we do?

What will you do?: "Let's break into the Moon Stone Mines!" "We'll try and find Rixis by ourselves!"

Vyse: Let's break into the Moon Stone Mines! We can try to save Isapa!

Drachma: Hmm... it appears to be our only option. Breaking into a Valuan stronghold isn't going to be easy.

King Ixa'taka: You're willing to risk your lives to save Isapa?

King Ixa'taka: Our Sacred Mountain is south of the Horteka Village. Be careful...

Vyse: Leave it to us! Onward to Moon Stone Mountain!

Vyse: Rixis has to be somewhere on this island. Let's try finding it ourselves!

Drachma: Don't be foolish, boy. These islands are huge, and the forests are thick. We'll never find it in time.

Drachma: The Valuans were desperate enough to burn down the forests, and they still couldn't find it.

Aika: Looks like we have no choice but to go to Moon Stone Mountain and save Isapa!

Vyse: I suppose so... Well, I guess we're going to have to break into the mines and rescue him!

King Ixa'taka: The Mountain is south of Horteka Village. May Quetya protect you.

King Ixa'taka: Vyse! You returned safely!

King Ixa'taka: I thank you for saving Isapa!

Isapa: Heh heh heh... Yes, thank you for rescuing me. I'd love to thank you two ladies personally...

Isapa: But I must return to my priestly duties... Well, it was nice meeting you.

Aika: Not so fast! You were supposed to tell us the location of the Lost City!

Isapa: Ah, that's right. I'm sorry, I completely forgot... Ahahahaha!

Vyse: King Ixa'taka, with all due respect... Where did you get this guy? Is he really a High Priest?

King Ixa'taka: Of course! He has much knowledge in ancient scriptures and history.

Isapa: Very well... I shall pass on to you the secret of the Lost City that has been passed down in my family for many generations.

Isapa: "The Great Bird with its wings spread and the kneeling Golden Man will open the way."

Isapa: That is all. So, you got it?

Vyse: What do you mean, "That is all?" I have no idea what you were talking about.

Isapa: To be completely honest, I don't know what it means either!

Isapa: You need to solve the riddle on your own. Ahahaha!!!

Aika: I give up! If you didn't know, then you should've said so in the first place!!!

Fina: Now, calm down Aika... Listen to what he just told us.

Fina: "The Great Bird with its wings spread and the kneeling Golden Man will open the way."

Fina: I know what it means!

Fina: "The Great Bird with its wings spread" and "the kneeling Golden Man" are probably somewhere on this continent!

Vyse: So, if we find them, we'll find the Lost City!

Vyse: Alright, let's go find this Great Bird and the Golden Man.

King Ixa'taka: Vyse... You saved my people... and our lands. I don't know how to repay you...

King Ixa'taka: We were wrong. We should have never summoned the Giant.

Vyse: With great power, you need great responsibility. The Gigas are far too dangerous...

King Ixa'taka: Yes, we now realize that. And I am truly sorry... Vyse, you have proven yourself worthy...

King Ixa'taka: I entrust our Sacred Green Stone unto you. Use it to achieve peace... We have faith in you.

Vyse: Thank you King Ixa'taka... We will do our best.

Isapa: The Valuans have abandoned their encampments to the north.

Isapa: Now that they have left, perhaps you might be able to travel through the Iron Net.

Drachma: If we pass through there, we'll reach North Ocean. That will take us back to Valua.

Fina: The Yellow Crystal should be hidden there.

Vyse: Okay everyone, now we'll head back to Valua. They're really upset with us now... Getting the Yellow Crystal isn't going to be easy.

Isapa: Sounds dangerous... perhaps you ladies would like to stay behind here in Ixa'taka?

Isapa: It's an island paradise... We've got exotic foods, nectars, waterfalls, beautiful sunsets...

Vyse: What do you say, Aika? Who knows? Maybe you'll find some more ghosts, too.

Aika: Vyse!!! Don't even joke about them around me... You know I'm afraid of them... I've had enough ghosts to last me for a long time.

You received the "Green Moon Crystal."

King Ixa'taka: Maybe it would be best to ask the High Priest Isapa about Rixis and the Sacred Green Stone.

King Ixa'taka: But Isapa has been taken to Moon Stone Mountain, which Valua has taken over. I have been at a loss over what to do, myself.

King Ixa'taka: Thanks to you and your friends, Isapa has returned home safely to Ixa'taka.

King Ixa'taka: Please feel free to ask Isapa anything about Rixis that you wish to know.

King Ixa'taka: Thank you, Vyse. Your bravery has saved my kingdom.

King Ixa'taka: From this day forth, we will defend Ixa'taka from all foes with our own strength! You have given us the courage to do so, Vyse.

King Ixa'taka: Hello, Vyse! I am glad to see that you are well! Please, take your time and enjoy our beautiful country while you are here.

King Ixa'taka: I see that the winds of fate have blown your ship once again to the lands of Ixa'taka.

King Ixa'taka: W, what?! You say that you have traveled around the world and come from the west!?!

King Ixa'taka: I... I cannot believe it... To think that the Wall of Rock is not the edge of the world...

King Ixa'taka: Well, if it isn't Vyse. We are forever in your debt, brave one. I am glad to see that fate has left you in good health.

King Ixa'taka: Thanks to you, the forests are quiet and the citizens of Ixa'taka can once again live in peace. You are truly heroes.

King Ixa'taka: Vyse... I have heard that terrible things are happening in the east.

High Priest: Our kingdom has been destroyed. Even the king is forced to live in conditions not fit for beasts... and as old as I am, I can do nothing.

High Priest: Perhaps you cannot tell by looking at him, but Isapa is a High Priest of much higher standing than myself.

High Priest: He knows much about ancient legends and is a valuable member of the royal court...

High Priest: Your ship... it is a different ship from the one you came in last time you visited us. What has happened?

High Priest: Y, you stole it from Valua?! You... you are just too much...

High Priest: A little while back, Valua came through here from the east. We were all very surprised.

High Priest: But, they continued on without doing anything. They flew to the west. What exactly were they up to?

High Priest: Rumors of your exploits have traveled even to us here in Ixa'taka. It appears that you are quite the sailor.

High Priest: There was a big sound to the east of here. What happened over there?

High Priest: The Valuans have made Moon Stone Mountain into their headquarters.

High Priest: Moon Stone Mountain is south of Horteka. If you plan on going, be careful.

High Priest: Rixis? ...I'm sorry, I... I do not know anything.

High Priest: We all actually knew the location of Rixis. I'm sorry for having lied to you.

High Priest: I thank you for facing the Giant of the Forest. If he was left unchallenged, he would have destroyed us all.

High Priest: There is a country to the west? I don't believe you!

High Priest: The Wall of Rock to the west is the edge of the world. There can't be anything on the other side of it!

High Priest: I feel a great power from the east...

High Priest: It feels even more powerful than when Grendel was summoned. Much, much more powerful...

Isapa: "The Great Bird with the spread wings and the kneeling Golden Man point the way to Rixis."

Isapa: This is the legend of Rixis that has been passed down from the ancients.

Isapa: The Valuans escaped these lands to the northeast between the mountains.

Isapa: Before, we weren't able to get into Valua because of the Iron Net, but now we should be able to.

Isapa: Ladies, although sailing is fine in its own ways, perhaps you would consider settling down in our green and fertile lands?

Isapa: Our king is still single and he is looking for an elegant young lady... Fina, perhaps you would consider joining the royal family?

Fina: What?! I... I'm sorry, but I...

Aika: H, hey! Who ever said Fina was interested in becoming queen?!

Aika: And why just her?! What am I?! Huskra food?

Isapa: Gahahaha! I'm very sorry... If you were to marry the king, you'd probably take over as king and order HIM around!!

Aika: What?! Why does everyone think that way of me?!

Isapa: Come back any time you wish, ladies! We'll always be more than happy to give you a warm welcome! Gahahahaha!!!

Isapa: There was a great disturbance in the wind. I felt a strong power emerge in the east...

Isapa: Lord Vyse... I pray to Quetya that he watches over you and your companions...

What will you do?: "Return to the Little Jack." "Stay here a little while longer."

What will you do?: "Return to the Delphinus." "Stay here a little while longer."


Gordo: Oh, hey! It's you, Vyse! Don't you remember me? It's me! Gordo, the Black Pirate!

Gordo: I had a change of heart and I decided to open this restaurant here in North Ocean!

Gordo: It's a nice place, don't you think? I have taken flavors from the four corners of the world and made a new style of cooking! Hahaha!

Gordo: Welcome, Vyse! Come! You must eat until your belt bursts! Try my new Sky Sardine Skewers!

Gordo: Besides, you are much too skinny to be a captain! A man is not judged by his looks, but by the girth of his belly! Hahaha!

Gordo: What was that? Gentum, Khale, and Kabal you say?

Gordo: I see... it appears that you are searching for exquisite ingredients.

Gordo: Fortunately, we use Kabal here in my restaurant. I would be very glad to give you some.

Gordo: It's always best to marinate it for a day or two before cooking it... that's when it tastes best. Good Kabal is very hard to come by...

You received "Kabal."

Gordo: Well then... About those other 2 ingredients...

Gordo: Hmm... Gentum can easily be found in Maramba. It is easily recognizable for its scent.

Gordo: Perhaps you should go to the very center of trade itself, Nasrad? I'm sure you'd be able to find something there...

Gordo: And what else were you looking for? Ah yes... Khale. The "Spice of Dreams" as it is sometimes called.

Gordo: Not only does it cover the stench of old meat, it adds such a wonderfully indescribable taste to it as well.

Gordo: But, alas, I have heard rumors that Khale trees have not been seen for quite some time and are thought to no longer exist.

Gordo: In the eastern world, there is an island where they say spice trees grow. Maybe you should start your search there?

Gordo: For "Gentum," I think you'll be able to find some at Nasrad.

Gordo: For "Khale," you can look in the east, on an island called Spice Island.

Gordo: Well, well... I see that the information that I gave you on the Gentum and Khale proved to be useful.

Gordo: Well, if you ever have any more questions concerning exotic ingredients, ask none other than Gordo, the Gourmet Pirate!

Head Waiter: Welcome to the Gordo's Bistro. I am Philip, the head waiter...

Philip: I will help you pick a loqua to match whatever taste you seek.

Philip: Lately, a new loqua has become extremely popular. It is called "New World Loqua" and it is from Ixa'taka.

Philip: Now, if you'll excuse me... I hope you enjoy your meal.

Philip: I'm very sorry. Gordo, the owner, is currently out on business.

Philip: I believe he has taken his ship, the Bloodlust, and is sailing somewhere...

Waitress: Welcome to the Gordo's Bistro.

Waitress: Would you like to try our famous full-course dinner? It is a very good deal at 4,000 gold per person.

What will you do?: "Sounds good! We'll each have one." "I'm not that hungry right now, thanks."

Waitress: Well, it appears that you don't have enough money. All of our food is made with the best ingredients, so it's rather expensive.

Waitress: Please... come back when you have a little more money.

Waitress: Very well! Four full course dinners coming right up! Now, here you are... enjoy your meal.

Waitress: Is everything fine? That's great. Please visit us again sometime...

Waitress: I'm sorry to hear that... Very well, perhaps you will visit us again sometime.

Guest: Not only does this place serve gourmet food, they serve you lots of it!

Guest: And I heard that the owner used to be an Air Pirate, too! This place is great!

Guest: Such a mellow fragrance... And it's so blue that it is almost as if they melted a Moon Stone...

Guest: Air Pirates may think all loqua is the same, but in my opinion, New World Loqua is the best.

Guest: You should hurry up and grow up so that you may experience all the pleasures of the world! Ahahahaha!!!

Domingo: Wait a minute... You... are you the guy that everyone's talking about? Are you Vyse?

Domingo: W, wait a minute... are you Vyse? You're a legend among sailors across the skies!

Domingo: You know of me, right? I'm the traveling treasure hunter, Domingo.

Domingo: I travel the world looking for new Discoveries... It's quite a relaxing job if you ask me...

Domingo, huh?: "Will you join us?" "I wish you luck in your quest!"

Vyse: If it is okay with you, I would like you to join my crew. Let us work together and find all the Discoveries in the world...

Domingo: Heh... sorry, but the only people that I team up with are beautiful women, or men who are better treasure hunters than myself.

Domingo: Well, if you can find at least 30 Discoveries, I'll admit that you're better. But, I doubt that there's anyone who could actually do that...

Vyse: Heh... I wouldn't talk so fast. I've already found more than 30 Discoveries.

Domingo: R, really?! I don't believe it... you actually found more than 30 Discoveries...

Domingo: You are truly a treasure hunter, Vyse. Like I promised, I'll join you in your quest.

Domingo: And besides, you've got two very beautiful women with you... How can I resist?

Domingo has joined your crew as a "Lookout."

Vyse: If it is okay with you, I would like you to join my crew. Let us work together and find all the Discoveries in the world...

Domingo: Heh... sorry, but the only people that I team up with are beautiful women, or men who are better treasure hunters than myself.

Domingo: Well, if you can find at least 30 Discoveries, I'll admit that you're better. But, I doubt that there's anyone who could actually do that...

Vyse: Well, it looks like we're rivals in the search for Discoveries, but I wish you luck!

Domingo: Heh, rivals, huh? Very well then, I wish you luck as well... but I warn you. I'm the best treasure hunter there is!

Domingo: Oh, hey Vyse! How is everything? I hope your search for Discoveries has been as fruitful as mine!

Vyse: Heh... Lined up next to Gordo, it's hard to tell them apart...

Vyse: Mmm... This sure does smell good. I can almost taste it. I can't believe Gordo and his gang can actually cook this well.

Vyse: I don't recognize the name, but it looks like an expensive brand of loqua.

Vyse: I've never seen this fruit before. It smells really sour, though. Heh... leave it up to Gordo to find the rarest foods from across the world.

Vyse: This must be cheese. Oh, wow... it smells really bad! I wonder if it's supposed to smell like this...

Vyse: Wow... it looks like they just roasted the whole head of this thing. That's quite a dish. I'd like to try that some day.

Vyse: Hm... This must be some sort of sauce that Gordo uses in his cooking. Let me have a taste... Wow! This is really good!

What will you do?: "Return to the Delphinus." "Stay here a little while longer."

me237a.sct[edit | edit source]

Ilchymis: Well well... I never expected to get visitors way out here!

Ilchymis: My name is Ilchymis. I have come to this island to further my studies of various medicines.

Vyse: You're on this island, alone... to study?! You're quite strange...

Ilchymis: Heh heh... you're probably right. I've been called strange ever since I was a child.

Ilchymis: I was always asking questions... Why does water float when it freezes? Why is the sky blue?

Ilchymis: But that calls to mind another question. What brings you to this island, anyway?

Um: t)"Nothing really... just sort of exploring." "Would you like to join my crew?"

Vyse: Nothing really... We were just exploring and decided to see what was on this island.

Ilchymis: Ha ha... I've been living on this island for nearly 10 years now, and you are the first visitors I've ever had.

Ilchymis: I have nothing to offer... but you're free to come visit any time you wish. It's nice to hear another voice every once in a while...

Vyse: Actually, I would like to ask you to join my crew. We are in need of a doctor...

Ilchymis: Ha ha... I'm no doctor. I'm a chemist... I study medicines and such.

Ilchymis: I am very happy that you would like to take me along, but I am sorry. I cannot travel with you.

Ilchymis: You said your name was Vyse, correct? Ah yes... what is it that you would like to talk about now?

Ilchymis: Oh, hello. Vyse, was it? What brings you here again?

Um: t)"Nothing really." "Will you join my crew?"

Vyse: Well, nothing really... I was just wondering how you were doing, that's all...

Ilchymis: Ha ha... Is that so? Well, if anything, the one thing I've always had is my health.

Ilchymis: I'm studying medicines... I can't let myself get sick now, can I? Ha ha ha ha...

Vyse: I will ask you again... Will you join my crew?

Ilchymis: ... I was not planning to leave this island any time soon.

Ilchymis: Well, in fact, I was once a nobleman of Valua. I threw all of that away...

Ilchymis: ... in order to come here and pursue my studies. I have no intention of returning to the world.

Ilchymis: The only person I will leave this island to travel with is he who has a heart full of wisdom and love...

Ilchymis: When a man capable of casting the Silver Magic "Riselem" shows himself at my doorstep, I know that man is the one I will follow.

Vyse: "Riselem"? Actually, we know that spell.

Ilchymis: Wh, what?! You learned that incredibly difficult spell?

Ilchymis: ...I see. Then that means that you have a heart full of wisdom and love.

Ilchymis: I've been waiting for people such as yourselves. Please, take me with you. I only hope that my research can be of some use to you...

Ilchymis has joined your crew as an "Artisan."

Ilchymis: Well, Vyse... what would you like to talk to me about?

Vyse: I wonder what this machine is for? There's a well-polished Moon Stone attached to it...

Vyse: Wow, that's a really thick book. I can't even read this thing. It's all just a bunch of strange symbols and some numbers.

Vyse: An assortment of herbs and tools are scattered about. Maybe they're used in the making of various potions and things.

Vyse: Some sort of... pot? Hm? What exactly is this thing, anyway?

Vyse: This sure is an... interesting... thing. It looks like some sort of machine, but I can't even begin to comprehend what it does.

Vyse: It looks like an ordinary windmill, but it probably has uses that I'd never even dream about.

Vyse: There are a bunch of really thick, old books lined up here. These must be research materials.

Vyse: Some sort of... machine. Whatever it is, it's moving. Maybe I shouldn't touch it...

Vyse: Well, I'm assuming that this is a machine of sorts. Hm... I wonder what that pipe sticking out of it is for...

Vyse: This looks like some sort of... power source... I think... Heh, who am I kidding? I have no idea what this thing does.

Vyse: This strange little object looks like it's the heart of all of the machinery in this room...

Vyse: Hm... I wonder what it's used for? There are so many things in here that are so new to me... I probably shouldn't touch anything...

What will you do?: "Return to the Delphinus." "Stay here a little while longer."

me238a.sct[edit | edit source]

Ryu-kan: I don't know who you people are, but to this old man, you are nothing but a nuisance!

Ryu-kan: I refuse to talk to anyone except he who is brave and daring. Now please, let me live out the remainder of my years in quiet peace.

Ryu-kan: Even though I don't know you, I can sense courage welling deep inside you.

Ryu-kan: Perhaps you might be worthy of my attention. I am known as Ryu-kan. I was once a well-known sword-smith... now I am but a lonely hermit.

Vyse: I'm Vyse. One as old and wise as yourself would probably know this, but these blades that I use are called cutlasses.

Vyse: Old One, would you like to accompany us? Lend us your strength and your skill...

Ryu-kan: Well...

Ryu-kan: Although you show courage beyond your years, you have yet to to show courage enough for me to entrust my spirit to you.

Ryu-kan: I only forge blades for those who have proven themselves to be heroes among heroes. Therefore, I must humbly decline your offer.

Ryu-kan: What's this?! I feel a great sense of courage from deep within your spirit!

Ryu-kan: You are truly a brave soul... perhaps you are the person that I have been waiting for all these years in solitude.

Ryu-kan: Very well. I will travel with you, Young One. And I will forge you a blade unlike any known in this world!

Ryu-kan has joined your crew as an "Artisan."

Vyse: There are numerous tools here. Each one looks well worn from years and years of use.

Vyse: From the looks of it, I'd say that this old man was quite the sword-smith...

Vyse: Some of Ryu-kan's tools are lined up here.

Vyse: He left everything that wasn't essential to him here. He took his most important tools with him when he joined my crew.

What will you do?: "Return to the Delphinus." "Stay here a little while longer."

me239a.sct[edit | edit source]

Giant Hamachou: Chirpy chirp chirp!! Chirpy chirp?

Giant Hamachou: Be quiet chirp! What do you want chirp?!

Vyse: Whoa! Who is this old guy?!

Hamachou Hermit: I'm the Hamachou Hermit chirp! I am their friend and caretaker! Chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: This is our private paradise chirp! You're invading our privacy!! CHIRP!!

Hamachou Hermit: You're really starting to bother me chirp! If you don't leave soon, I will have to spread bad rumors about you chirp!!

Hamachou Hermit: Chirpy chirp chirpy chirp chirp chirp... Chirpy chirp?

Hamachou Hermit: You again chirp?! You're interrupting our privacy again chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: You're really trying my patience chirp! If you don't leave soon, I will have to spread bad rumors about you chirp!!

What will you ask about chirp?: "The way I fight..." "My treasure hunting skills." "Don't ask anything."

Hamachou Hermit: Okay chirp! I'll tell everybody about the way you fight! You better hope you've been brave...

Hamachou Hermit: First off, the number of times you've chirp engaged in battles would be...

Hamachou Hermit: xxxxxxxx times chirp! Chirpy chirp you were probably able to get here with very little effort!

Hamachou Hermit: xxxxxxxx times chirp! Well, that's average, chirp. You can hang with the rest of 'em!

Hamachou Hermit: xxxxxxxx times chirp! Chirpy chirp, you fight too much! You either don't know what you're doing or you're just plain belligerent!

Hamachou Hermit: On top of that, you defeated xxxxxxxx enemies chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: And, the number of times you've run away from battle chirp is...

Hamachou Hermit: Chirpy chirp!! You've never run away from a battle chirp! You're either really slow or really brave chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: xxxxxxxx times chirp! Well, I suppose that's acceptable.

Hamachou Hermit: xxxxxxxx times! They say that discretion is the better part of valor... but that's just plain cowardice!

Hamachou Hermit: Lastly, the number of times that any of you has been knocked unconcious during a battle would be...

Hamachou Hermit: You... xxx times! Aika... xxx times! Fina... xxx times!

Hamachou Hermit: Drachma... xxx times! Enrique... xxx times! Gilder... xxx times!

Hamachou Hermit: You must be an incredible fighter... You're just too good! You rarely ever get knocked out chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: Well, I guess that's about average chirp. Not too bad chirp.

Hamachou Hermit: Your comrades have no faith in your fighting skills chirp! You've fallen unconcious too many times in the heat of battle chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: Well, there you have it. Is there anything else that you wanted to ask me about chirp?

Hamachou Hermit: Alright! I'll tell you how your treasure hunting skills are...

Hamachou Hermit: First of all, your treasure chest discovery rate until now chirp would be...

Hamachou Hermit: xxx percent chirp! You are either really impatient or you just don't care about treasure chirp.

Hamachou Hermit: xxx percent! Well, that's pretty average. You have what it takes to be a decent Air Pirate chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: There are some treasure chests that can't be found once they are passed up People must know when to give up. Life's not all about treasure.

Hamachou Hermit: 100% chirp! You've found them all! You're really spending too much time looking for treasure chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: And, you've caught quite a few fish until now chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: You caught a total of xxxxxxxx fish! The total value is xxxxxxxx gold chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: Do you... hate fish or something chirp? Even these little Hamachous are better fishers than you seem to be chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: You're about at the level of an average fisherman. Not too bad, I guess chirp.

Hamachou Hermit: You've caught too many fish!! Do you have something against fish?! Are you trying to destroy the ecosystem or what chirp?

Hamachou Hermit: Oftentimes when an animal is rare and is highly valued for some reason or another, people often hunt that animal to extinction... chirp.

Hamachou Hermit: But, that's all I have to say about your treasure hunting skills chirp. Is there anything else you want to ask me about?

Hamachou Hermit: If you don't want to ask me anything, that's alright chirp. That just means that I can go back to taking care of my Hamachous chirp!

Hamachou Hermit: I wish I was born as a Hamachou... That's why I wear this bird outfit... chirp!

Partying Hamachou: Chirrrp?

Hamachou: Chirpy chirp!

Hamachou: Chirpy chirp!

Hamachou: Chirp! Chirpy chirp!

Partying Hamachou: Chirrrp!

Partying Hamachou: Chirp chirrup!

Partying Hamachou: Chirp chirpy chirrup!

Partying Hamachou: Chirp chirpy chirrupy chirp!

Partying Hamachou: Chirp chirp chirpy chirrupy chirp chirp!!!

Napping Hamachou: Chirrrp? Chirrrp...

Partying Hamachou: Chirrrp... Chirrrp...

Partying Hamachou: Chirrrp... Chirrrp...

Hamachou: Chirp! Chirp! Chirpy chirpy chirp!

Friendly Hamachou: Chirpy chirp! Chirp chirp chirp chirp...

Hedonistic Hamachou: Chiiirppp! Chirp!

Hamachou Song Leader: Chirp! Chirpy chirpy chirp! Chirpy chirpy chirp!

Hamachou Dance Team: Chirpy chirp?

Hamachou Dance Team: Chirpy chirpy chirp!

Mysterious Voice: Hey! Get away from my food!

Vyse: Where'd that voice come from?! Don't tell me it was this Hamachou...

Big Hamachou: Chirpy chirp! Chirpy chirpy chirp~!

Little Hamachou: Chirpy chirp chirpy!

Older-Looking Hamachou: Chirpy chirp! Chirpy chirpy chirp!

Hamachou with a Familiar Face: Chirpy chirpy chirp!

Hamachou with a Familiar Face: Chirpilass chirpy!

Hamachou with a Familiar Face: CHIRP!!

What will you do?: "Return to the Delphinus." "Stay here a little while longer."

me240a.sct[edit | edit source]

Vyse: ...What's that sound?

Aika: It sounds like cannon fire...

Drachma: Boy! Dead ahead!

Vyse: Captain!

Drachma: ...It's him!

Fina: Aaahhh!

Aika: It's... it's HUGE!

Vyse: Hey! Look over there!

Vyse: Captain, whose ship is that?

Drachma: While we were in Valua, I heard rumors that the Armada altered their chain of command.

Drachma: That must be Ramirez's ship. He was Galcian's Vice Captain... He's the most feared officer in the Armada.

Fina: Ramirez...

Aika: Fina... what's wrong?

Fina: Nothing... Everything is fine.

Fina: ......

Vyse: We can't fight them both at the same time! Captain, what should we do?

Drachma: Take out the Valuan ships first. I don't want them interferin' in the fight with Rhaknam. I need to kill Rhaknam myself.

Drachma: Battlestations! Leave Ramirez's ship alone! Take out the two cruisers in front of us first!

Vyse: Alright! We've got a straight shot at Rhaknam!

Drachma: I've waited for this for a long time... Harpoon Cannon... FIRE!

Drachma: Heh... There's no escape for ya now.

Aika: Aaahhhh!

Vyse: Captain! Watch out! There's an enemy ship off the starboard side! It's Ramirez!

Drachma: He got behind us while we were concentrating on Rhaknam!

Aika: The Little Jack is on fire! Propelling power dropping rapidly! We're... losing altitude!

Vyse: This isn't good... If we keep this up, we're all going to die.

Drachma: NO! I've waited far too long!!! I may never get another chance!

Vyse: Captain! We've got to abandon ship! We need to get to the lifeboats down below!

Drachma: What...?! You're tellin' me to abandon the Little Jack?!

Drachma: You're tellin' me to let Rhaknam go?!?!

Vyse: YES!!! If you die, it won't bring back your son!

Vyse: And as long as you're alive, you'll always have another chance!

Drachma: Grrr...

Vyse: If you die now, then the lives of your crew... and your son... would have been lost in vain.

Drachma: Aaaarrrggghhhh!

Vyse: Alright, we're abandoning ship! Everyone! Get down below!

Aika: Cap'n, hurry! Get on! The ship's going down!

Drachma: ......

Vyse: Captain?!

Vyse: ...Captain! Get on board!!!

Aika: Look... Rhaknam, is hurt!

Aika: Cap'n! What're you doing?

Fina: No, don't!!!

Vyse: Captain, hurry! Get in!

Vyse: Noooo!!!

Aika: Cap'n!

Fina: Why did he do that?

Vyse: Ramirez... He fires at lifeboats!?!?

Vyse: Aaaaahhhhh!!!

Fina: Vyse!

Aika: Nooooo!!!

me241a.sct[edit | edit source]

Aika: Hey... What's that smell?

Fina: It smells like something is burning...

Drachma: Look on the horizon.

Vyse: The forest!!!

De Loco: Burn! Burn! Buuuuuuuuuurrrrrnnnnn!!!

De Loco: Witness the awesome power of my Flame Cannon! The thicker the forest, the more it burns! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

De Loco: After I burn down the forest, I will be able to find the Lost City of Rixis, and the Moon Crystal will be mine!!!

Vice Captain: Lord De Loco! There's a ship approaching from the aft.

Vice Captain: It matches the description of those Air Pirates!

De Loco: Vyse is here?! He's the kid that escaped from the Grand Fortress and defeated Belleza!

De Loco: Perfect!!! PERFECT!!! He's just in time to feel the heat from my Flame Cannon!

De Loco: Hehehehe... I wonder how Vyse likes his food...

De Loco: Medium?

De Loco: I hope he doesn't die too fast! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Aika: The forest! This is horrible! What kind of twisted psycho would do this?

Vyse: Whoever it is, he'll have to deal with me!

Drachma: If we get hit by that blast of fire, we're done for. We'll have to dodge the flames, and counterattack!

De Loco: Or perhaps... Well-done!!!

De Loco: What?! What?!!! Impossible! My... my Flame Cannon! How!?!?!

De Loco: It can't be! It can't be! It can't be! There was no way they could defeat me!!! This must be a dream... A dream! I tell you!!!

Vice Captain: Sir... sir! Get a hold of yourself!

Vice Captain: We must retreat! Head back to Moon Stone Mountain!

Aika: Alright! We've got them on the run!

Vyse: They're probably searching for the Moon Crystal, too. We've got to hurry!

Alfonso: Look... Over there! So, King Ixa'taka was hiding the Crystal from us after all...

Alfonso: Heh, this is going to be easy. All I have to do is take the Crystal from him and the Empress will be pleased.

New Vice Captain: Awaiting orders, Admiral...

New Vice Captain: Oh, and I heard that you were injured in the mines. Are you alright, sir?

Alfonso: I don't ever want to hear you speak of those mines again! Understand?!

Alfonso: All ships, prepare for battle! Follow my flagship, the Cygnus! Head towards the light and find King Ixa'taka.

Alfonso: Blast! Retreat!!! We cannot get past the Gigas!

New Vice Captain: But... but... sir... The battle hasn't even started yet.

Alfonso: Why are you questioning my orders?! I refuse to die in these filthy lands! All ships, return to Valua at once!

De Loco: This cannot be! How could I lose twice?!

De Loco: No... No... No... No... this has to be a dream... It's all just a bad dream...

Vice Captain: Sir! Get a hold of yourself!

Vice Captain: We can't face the Gigas in this shape! All ships, back to Valua!

Aika: Alright! De Loco's retreating!

Drachma: It's still too early to celebrate. We still have to stop Grendel!

Vyse: But... he's too big! How can we stop him?

Drachma: See that canyon?

Drachma: No matter how strong that thing is, if it falls into the canyon, it will be stuck.

Vyse: I see... So, all we have to do is knock it down!

Drachma: Aye! Wait for him to pass in front of it, then hit him in the back!

Vyse: Got it! Alright everyone, let's take him down!

me242a.sct[edit | edit source]

Enrique: Vyse, you're here.

Enrique: That huge armored ship belongs to Admiral Gregorio.

Enrique: Gregorio is the best defensive tactician the Valuan Armada has ever seen. They even nicknamed him "Ironwall."

Vyse: Interesting... he's forming a blockade around the town.

Valuan Soldier: Prince Enrique!

Valuan Soldier: I've come on behalf of Admiral Gregorio. He has an urgent message for you.

Enrique: I see. Well done.

Enrique: "I hope my Prince finds himself in good health."

Enrique: "I heard that you had a change of heart, or were perhaps brainwashed by the Air Pirates."

Enrique: "Empress Teodora has sent me to escort my Prince back to Valua, so that he may recover."

Enrique: "I do not wish to use force. Please come back with me."

Enrique: "If my Prince refuses to comply, my ships will regretably begin firing upon the city tomorrow at noon. Your Humble Servant, Gregorio"

Enrique: ...Hmm... Uncle Gregorio is asking me to surrender.

Vyse: Uncle?

Enrique: Oh, Gregorio was an Admiral in the Armada even before my father passed away...

Enrique: He helped raise me when I was growing up... He's always been like an uncle to me.

Enrique: I know that he doesn't want to fight, and he really does want me to surrender...

Enrique: ...But I can't go back. Not after everything they've done.

Enrique: Even if... even if it means I have to fight him.

Vyse: Enrique?

Enrique: Let's rest up for tomorrow. Gregorio is the most honorable man that I've ever met. He won't break his word.

Vyse: I understand. We should rest on land tonight and keep you off the ship until tomorrow.

Vyse: The last thing you need is for your "Uncle" to see you throwing up over the railing in the heat of battle.

Enrique: ...Great... now you're starting to sound just like Aika.

Vyse: Haha, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Come on, let's stay at the inn tonight. We're gonna need our rest.

Vyse: It's time to go fight Admiral Gregorio. It's going to be a tough battle. Give it everything you've got!

Everyone: Aye aye!

Don: Hey... You aren't actually goin' to fight against the Armada, are ya?

Vyse: Huh?

Don: You're planning to fight Admiral Gregorio by yourselves?

Vyse: Yup. That's the plan.

Don: I don't doubt your abilities, but I used to be a Valuan Soldier. I know what the Armada can do. Going up against one of their Admirals is crazy.

Vyse: Our ship is the best there is. We're faster than Gregorio's ship, and I think we can match his firepower.

Don: But... even if you win... You'll never get through the Dark Rift!

Vyse: Like I said yesterday, our ship is the best there is. Our engines are more powerful than you think.

Vyse: And it might just be powerful enough to get us through the Dark Rift. Besides...

Vyse: Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to see what was beyond the edge of the world.

Vyse: That very edge is right in front of me. I have a chance to do what nobody has ever done before. I have a chance to make history today.

Vyse: If I said that I'm not scared, I'd be lying. But, I won't let this opportunity pass me by.

Vyse: The chance to fulfill my childhood dreams lies right in front of me. You don't expect me to just give up, do you?

Don: Heh heh... I suppose, then, no matter what I say, you're not goin' to listen...

Don: The Dark Rift is a giant vortex. If you can get through one side, you'll reach the eye in the middle. It is rumored that the eye is calm.

Don: There are other calm pockets along the edges of the Dark Rift. If you find one of the pockets, you might have half of a chance.

Vyse: I see... Thank you!

Vyse: I'll come back here when I'm done... I promise!

Don: Heh... Kid, you're just like me when I was your age...

Former Sailor: Yeah! Go! Turn!!! No, not that way!!!

Sailor: You idiots! What are you doing? You're supposed to fire all your cannons right there!!

Former Sailor: Yeah, get them!!! Hey, they're not that bad!!

Everyone: Huh?!

Everyone: Aaaaahhhh!!! Incoming!!!

Don: They still need to get past the next line of ships... They still have a long way to go!

Enrique: I always thought that if we were ever in battle together that we'd be on the same side.

Gregorio: Prince Enrique. Is there anything I can do to make you reconsider?

Enrique: ...No... I've made up my mind. I am not going back to Valua.

Enrique: I know that you've noticed a change in the Empire as well... They are headed down a dark path...

Enrique: Trying to rule the world with an iron fist... It will be Valua's downfall...

Enrique: This world... this sky... is not Valua's to rule. It belongs to the people.

Gregorio: ......

Enrique: And to right the wrongs that Valua has commited, I have decided to travel with Vyse and his companions.

Enrique: Tell that to my mother. And also that I pray every day for her good health.

Enrique: This is goodbye. I must go. Be well.

Gregorio: Farewell, Young Prince.

Crazy Sailor: Those kids are great! They just took out the Armada with one ship!

Former Sailor: HaHaHa! They make me feel like sailing again!

Don: Vyse... You put on quite a show...

Don: If you make it back from the Dark Rift... I hope you come back here and take me with you...

Don: I can't believe I'm saying this... You hear me, kid?! You better make it back!

Vyse: That sky rift looks worse than any of the others...

Aika: If we tried to power our way through it, I think the Delphinus would get ripped to pieces.

Vyse: But, if we don't go through there, we won't be able to reach Yafutoma. Isn't there something we can do?

Enrique: Ungh...

Aika: Enrique, are you feeling any better?

Enrique: No... To be completely honest, I feel awful.

Enrique: Why don't you guys take a look around the city? I don't think it would be wise for me to move in my condition.

Fina: I'll stay here and look after Enrique.

Vyse: Alright. Aika, let's go check out the city. Someone here has to know how to get to Yafutoma.

me243a.sct[edit | edit source]

Valua National Guard Fleet: You are entering Valuan airspace. Present your Entry Passport.

Valua National Guard Fleet: Without the proper credentials, you must leave immediately or we will destroy your ship.

Vyse: Oh, if it's a passport you want, we have one. Here...

Valua National Guard Fleet: ...Hmm. I can see you just left Valua recently. Welcome back.

Valua National Guard Fleet: We will escort you inside.

Aika: Looks like we made it through. We just passed a Valuan Security Checkpoint. That's quite an accomplishment, don't you think?

Vyse: Yeah... I thought getting into Valua would be a lot tougher. Now all we have to do is sneak into...

Vyse: ...!

Aika: Huh? What's that?!

Drachma: It's the only entrance into the city of Valua... The "Grand Fortress."

Drachma: Valua is surrounded by impassable mountains... so that is the only way in or out.

Vyse: Wow... I can't believe they actually built something that big...

Drachma: During the Valua-Nasr War, over 100 Nasr warships bombarded this fortress for days.

Drachma: However, all the shells were repelled by these walls. The Fortress may be the strongest structure of the new world.

Aika: Look! It's moving!!!

Drachma: The door of the fortress opens only once a day to allow ships to pass through.

Drachma: The backside of that wall is completely lined with cannons. It was those cannons that nearly wiped out the entire Nasr fleet.

Vyse: Defense and offense all in one... It's an invincible fortress.

Aika: That's where they're holding Captain Dyne... and Fina!

Drachma: No prisoner has ever escaped from that fortress.

Drachma: Although, I've heard that there's one way out.

Vyse: Really? Then it's possible?

Drachma: Yeah. After they execute prisoners, their corpses are thrown off of the island.

Aika: That's just great! What are we going to do now?

Vyse: Hah! No one's ever escaped, because I've never tried! I love a challenge!

Vyse: Don't worry. I will rescue our friends and escape from that fortress. Just watch me!

Vyse: So, this is the capital of Valua, huh? It's impressive...

Aika: It's beautiful... But the skies are so gloomy...

Drachma: Valua is a beautiful city, but because of the fierce thunderstorms caused by the Yellow Moon, the city is shrouded in eternal darkness.

Drachma: That's the Imperial Palace straight ahead of us. The area on the left shore is called Upper City.

Vyse: Upper City?

Drachma: The people of Valua are either very rich, or very poor and they detest each other. Only the richest people in Valua can live in Upper City.

Drachma: The less fortunate are confined to Lower City. It's on the right shore.

Aika: It doesn't seem right to force them to live in poverty like that!

Vyse: Hey, Captain... Where should we land?

Drachma: In Lower City. There is a dock there that repairs and remodels ships.

Vyse: Aye aye. I'll bring us into the Lower City Port.

Dyne: You were late, Vyse. We decided to come get you and from the looks of it, we were just in time.

Dyne: Fina, are you alright?

Fina: Yes. Thank you very much.

Fina: ... I'm very grateful that you've gone through so much trouble to rescue me...

Aika: Relax Fina... We're all okay right now... Save the mushy stuff for later...

Drachma: She is right. We can all be thankful after we've gotten out of Valua.

Timmus the Gunner: Captain, emergency! They're closing the gates!!!

Drachma: If the gate closes, we're all dead!

Timmus the Gunner: We're under attack! Valuan ships, dead ahead! They're blocking the entrance!

Drachma: We've got to act fast! We need to take out that blockade!

Drachma: Looks like I'm goin' to be able to test out the Harpoon Cannon earlier than I thought! All hands to battle stations!

Drachma has joined the party... again.

Vyse: Looks like that was the last of them! Now we just need to get through that gate!

Aika: Vyse! It's closing! Hurry!!!

Vyse: Come on!!! Come on, Little Jack!!!!!

Vyse: Woohoo!!! We did it!!!

Aika: Alright!!! I knew you could do it Vyse! You're the greatest!

Dyne: You got us through there by the skin of our teeth. You had me worried for a second there.

Vyse: We can finally say good-bye to Valua!

Vyse: Alright! Let's go back home to Pirate Isle!

Vyse: We did it!

Aika: I can't believe it! We just broke through the Grand Fortress.

Gilder: You sure know how to break in a new ship.

Fina: Now, we can finally continue on our search for the other Moon Crystals!!

Enrique: Well, Valua, it looks like this is goodbye for now...

Galcian: Ramirez... what is the status on the construction of Dangral Island?

Ramirez: The construction of the port is complete. And De Loco's Flagship is currently being fitted so that it will be able to submerge into Deep Sky.

Ramirez: I've also received word that the elevator leading to the bottom of Deep Sky has been completed as well.

Galcian: Excellent. The time grows near...

Galcian: Soon, the foolish Empress and the rest of the people of the world will bow before my might...

Galcian: No... Not just the people...

Galcian: The people... and even those revered Moons... Soon, they will all be in my grasp.

Galcian: The people, the lands, and even the Moons... They will belong to me...

Ramirez: You shall reign supreme, Lord Galcian...

Galcian: Tomorrow morning, I will leave for Dangral. I wish to oversee the final stages of the construction myself.

Galcian: And tell the other Admirals to assemble at Dangral. I wish to know where they stand...

Ramirez: Yes, Lord Galcian...

Galcian: I walk the path of death and destruction... I know you are a Silvite... If you wish to change your mind, now is the time.

Ramirez: I chose long ago to walk the path that you walk upon, Lord Galcian. I shall forever be at your side.

Ramirez: And I will cut down any of those that block our path. It is my duty... It is my purpose...

me244a.sct[edit | edit source]

Vyse: Is that...?

Fina: That is Yeligar, the Yellow Gigas.

Vyse: Hrmph...

Fina: Silvite Mages managed to put him to sleep. Then they sealed him in here. Yeligar is extremely powerful, so it's best that we don't wake him.

Fina: The Crystal is in Yeligar's possession. We have to find a way to remove it, without waking him.

Vyse: Great... He's awake!

Vyse: If we stay here, we won't be able to dodge the lightning! We have to get away from him! Engines, full reverse!

Aika: This is bad.

Fina: He made breaking the seal look easy. This isn't a good sign...

Vyse: It looks like we're going to have to fight him to get the Crystal.

Vyse: Battlestations! Let's take that thing down!

me246a.sct[edit | edit source]

Aika: We did it!!!!!!

Vyse: That wasn't easy...

Enrique: It's amazing that we were able to get it before the Armada.

Vyse: Well, since we got the Yellow Crystal, we should head back to Crescent Isle.

Fina: This is the fifth Moon Crystal that we've collected...

Fina: And now... My quest is finished...

Vyse: Fina...

You received the "Yellow Moon Crystal."

me247a.sct[edit | edit source]

Vigoro: HAHAHA! It looks like our pirate friends want some action. Things just got a little more interesting.

Vigoro: I'm coming for you, Red. Soon, you'll be all mine.

Muraji: Hehehehe... The Westerners' ship is nice, very nice. I think I am going to enjoy this!

Muraji: But, I never dreamed that I would be able to kill Prince Daigo so soon.

Muraji: Now, Moegi will be mine for sure... as well as the throne! Hehehehehehehe!!!!

Belleza: I'm sorry, handsome... I didn't want to have to fight you...

Belleza: But, for Valua... and Lord Galcian... I must.

Valuan Soldier: Tenkou ships, straight ahead! They are in range of our cannons!

Belleza: Alright everyone, listen up! This is it! If we win this battle, we will rule the East!

Belleza: Let them feel the power of the Valuan Armada. Fire at will!

Daigo: So far, the battle is even. We're more maneuverable, but we can't seem to break their lines.

Daigo: Vyse, keep an eye out for your ship! It's got to be around here somewhere.

Vyse: Alright, everyone! Be ready for action! When we find the Delphinus, let's take it back... Air Pirate style!

Daigo: Hmm... We can't break their lines and our ships are taking serious damage.

Daigo: I don't think we can take much more of this. I'm going to give the signal to retreat! Today... Valua has won.

Vyse: ......

Watchman: My lord, a ship fitting the description of Captain Vyse's ship is heading our way!

Daigo: What?! Are you sure?

Watchman: Yes, my lord! I'm positive it's the Delphinus!

Vyse: Daigo... if you can get us close to the Delphinus, we can take it back and win this thing!

Vyse: We're Air Pirates, remember? We do this stuff all the time. All you have to do is get us close.

Daigo: Hahaha... I see. Okay, Vyse... You got it!

Vyse: We're going to have to jump to the deck!

Fina: Huh?

Vyse: It's okay, I got you, Fina.

Aika: I'll be right behind you...

Vyse: I guess they were expecting us...

Vyse: Let's throw these goons off of our ship!

Muraji: Um... I... no... um... help...!

Enrique: ......

Muraji: I, I... I'll give back your ship! Just... just spare my life! Please... let me live...!

Enrique: You're too pitiful for me to run you through... I'll spare you, but you'll pay for all of your treachery.

Vyse: Alright! We got the Delphinus back! Now, let's even the odds.

Aika: There's a ship coming in from the starboard side. It's coming in fast!

Aika: There's something about it... that disgusts me...

Enrique: That ship... It's the Draco... It's Vigoro's ship!

Aika: Talk about trying to compensate... That guy's got a complex.

Vyse: The Armada is being led by Belleza and Vigoro. If we can take out their ships, the rest of them will fall!

Vyse: Our next target... the Draco!

Vigoro: I... I don't believe it! They survived my Vigoro Cannon!

Vigoro: ...Belleza!

Belleza: I wouldn't expect anything less from you, handsome. Not even Vigoro could stop you!

Belleza: As an Admiral in the Valuan Armada... I shall defeat you.

Belleza: ...What!?

Vyse: What was that?!

Aika: Aaaahhh!!! Vyse! Look!

Kangan: Hehehe... Soon I shall be rid of both the Westerners and the Tenkou!

Kangan: Go, Bluheim! Blow them out of the sky!

Belleza: This must be the "Blue Wind" that the King was talking about!

Watchman: The winds are too strong. Our ships are losing control... We can't hold our formations!

Belleza: If this keeps up, all of our ships will be destroyed... I didn't want to do this, but we have no choice. All ships retreat!

Fina: It's Bluheim!

Aika: We might be able to take him on with the Delphinus!

Vyse: I really hope so... It doesn't look like we have much of a choice.

Vyse: Alright everyone, let's go! It's up to us!

Kangan: I, I can't believe it... The Air Pirates defeated Bluheim!

Kangan: I need to get out of here!!!

Kangan: ...Huh?!

Daigo: Kangan! You cannot escape! Surrender or die!

Kangan: I... I... surrender.

me249a.sct[edit | edit source]

Vyse: What's wrong? Why did we stop?

Fina: I remember hearing about a Dome of Light.

Vyse: Dome of Light?

Fina: Yes, it was an ancient defense mechanism...

Fina: It was able to protect Soltis from the Gigas. Galcian is using it to protect himself from us.

Vyse: We've got to find a way through it!

Galcian: Heh heh heh... The Dome of Light is impenetrable... Not even the Delphinus can touch us.

Galcian: Ramirez... I believe the world needs a demonstration of our power!

Ramirez: As you wish.

Galcian: Valua could use a little rain...

Galcian: Silver Gigas, Zelos! Obey my command! Call forth the Rains of Destruction from the Yellow Moon.

Vyse: Is that...?! No...

Galcian: My first stop is Nasr. Since we've already destroyed Nasrad, they will beg for mercy, especially after what we did to Valua.

Ramirez: My lord... Shall I accompany you?

Galcian: It is not necessary. If any countries resist, I shall destroy them with the Rains.

Galcian: I need you here to defend Soltis and to command Zelos to rain down on our enemies.

Ramirez: A wise decision...

Watch Officer: My lord! An unknown fleet of ships is headed this way at attack speed. I can't identify the fleet, but...

Watch Captain: Leading the charge is the... Delphinus...

Galcian: So, the Air Pirates have come to challenge me. It saves me the trouble of hunting them down... I shall purge the skies of their kind forever!

Ramirez: Lord Galcian... Perhaps I should go as well...

Galcian: No. We cannot lose Soltis. Return at once!

Galcian: Do not worry. The Hydra will dispose of them.

Galcian: Air Pirates... it will rain today indeed. The skies shall weep with your blood!

Galcian: All ships, full speed ahead! Destroy the Air Pirates... Destroy every last one of them!

Aika: The Armada is closing fast!

Vyse: Alright, battlestations!!!

Vyse: This is it!!!

Watch Officer: My lord! The Air Pirates have broken our lines! The Delphinus is headed straight for us!

Galcian: Heh heh... Well done, Vyse.

Galcian: You shall live just long enough to feel the destructive power of the Hydra!

Galcian: All cannons fire on the Delphinus!!!

Aika: There's an enemy ship ahead! It's huge!!!

Enrique: No... it can't be!

Vyse: Enrique, you know this ship?

Enrique: It's called the Hydra. It was dubbed, "The Flying Fortress." Galcian must have had his own men complete it!

Enrique: My mother wanted it's production stopped because of its magnitude.

Gilder: Why, wasn't it big enough?

Fina: Galcian must be in there!

Vyse: This battle won't be over until we destroy that thing!

Vyse: Alright, Galcian! It ends now!

Aika: Vyse... Something bad is happening!!!

Vyse: ...!

Vyse: No! Ramirez is going to use the Rains of Destruction again!!!

Aika: There's nothing we can do to stop him!

Fina: Ramirez... please...

Fina: ...! Elders... oh, no...

Vyse: What's wrong, Fina?!

Aika: Vyse! Look!

Elder Orbis: Fina... Soltis used to be our home.

Elder Orbis: We created it... from nothing... and now we must destroy it...

Elder Orbis: For a thousand generations... we have judged the people of this world...

Elder Orbis: Everything we have created... Soltis... Zelos... The Rains... was all because these people did not measure up to our standards...

Elder Orbis: But... perhaps we were wrong.

Elder Orbis: Fina, by believing in the people of this world, you have taught us a great deal.

Elder Orbis: We sent you here to help us destroy the world, but now we are going to help you save it.

Elder Orbis: There is no need to be sad... If we had not created the Rains of Destruction, the world would not be in jeopardy.

Elder Orbis: Please... for the sake of the future... for the sake of this world... you must prevail!

me250a.sct[edit | edit source]

Vyse: You're the one that put out that Black Spot and called me out here?

Young Female Voice: Yes, you are correct. You've been quite the popular Air Pirate around these parts lately, you know.

Young Female Voice: However, I cannot sit idly while Air Pirates fly the skies freely and do as they please!

Young Female Air Pirate: My name is Piastol. I am a bounty hunter... And I specialize in finishing off Air Pirates!

Piastol: I am feared amongst even the most hardened Air Pirates. They have dubbed me... the Angel of Death!

Piastol: And the Angel has come for you, Vyse!

Vyse: Wow... imagine that! We've actually become famous enough to have real bounty hunters come after us.

Aika: Oh grow up, Vyse! It's not a good thing when bounty hunters start coming after you! Especially ones called "The Angel of Death"!!!

Piastol: You seem... confident. Perhaps you truly are as strong as they say. I suppose this is why you've been able to stand toe to toe with Valua.

Piastol: However, you are still just an Air Pirate! I'll send you and your mangy crew to the bottom of the clouds!

Piastol: How... how could this be?! How could I lose to a lowly Air Pirate?!

Vyse: I'm sorry, but I'm a tad too young to die just yet. Come back in... maybe 50 or 60 years? I might be ready to keel over by then.

Vyse: But, in the meantime, we're gonna continue sailing. I think it's time for you to get back to your own ship.

Piastol: Grr...

Piastol: ...!

Piastol: That scar... the one on your cheek! And your goggles!!!

Vyse: ...Huh? What're you mumbling about now?

Piastol: It... it can't be! No... I'd recognize you anywhere! It is you!!!

Piastol: As I have told you, I am known across the skies as the Angel of Death.

Piastol: I swear upon that cursed name that I will hunt you down and finish you off!

Piastol: I will find you again... and your deaths I shall bring!!

Piastol: Until then, I will let you live. However, the next time we meet, it will be the end of you!

Aika: What's her problem?! She just says whatever she wants and takes off like that! I'd like to give her a piece of my mind!!

Vyse: Don't waste your energy. She'll be back. In the meantime, we've got an adventure to get back to.

Piastol: I've been waiting for you, Vyse. I assume that you remember me?

Piastol: I am Piastol... I am the hunter of Air Pirates. I am... the Angel of Death!

Piastol: I have come to deliver death unto you. This very place shall become your grave.

Aika: You call us out here and then you start spouting all this nonsense? You have problems, lady.

Aika: And so we beat you once... Who cares?! Just give it a rest already, will ya? Why are you being so persistent?!

Piastol: ...You speak as if my search for you has been a recent phenomenon, oh red-headed one.

Piastol: These past 7 years... I have been searching the world for you. Looking for any trace of your passing I could find... Vyse.

Vyse: Huh? What're you talking about?

Piastol: ...I have no other words for you!

Piastol: Today I will have my revenge! En garde, Vyse!

Piastol: Wh, why?! Why is it that I finally fight the man I have been searching for all these years and yet... I cannot win??

Vyse: H, hey... Okay, seriously... what're you talking about?

Aika: Yeah! What exactly were you talking about when you said that you've been chasing us for 7 years?? That's a really long time, you know!

Piastol: S, silence! You could never understand my pain!

Piastol: Remember this, Vyse! I swear that someday, I will defeat you!

Piastol: Don't think you can escape your fate! I shall never forgive you!

Piastol: Vyse, today is the day that I take your life.

Aika: Hey, now you just wait a second there. You mind telling us exactly why you hate Vyse so much??

Piastol: I despise all Air Pirates. That is why I became a hunter of you despicable people.

Piastol: It all started 7 years ago... when my family was brutally murdered by Air Pirates.

Piastol: And that is where I saw you, Vyse, among the Air Pirate scum that took my family from me.

Vyse: H, huh?!

Aika: You've gotta be mistaken!!

Aika: We're Blue Rogues! We'd never do something like that!

Piastol: Silence! Blue, Black... you're all the same! You all deserve to die!

Piastol: My only purpose in life since then has been to deliver justice unto the Air Pirates that destroyed my life.

Piastol: Vyse, it is time for me to have my revenge! Have at you!

Piastol: F... Father... am I doomed... to never win? To... never avenge your death?

Vyse: Piastol, tell me. Tell me what happened to you 7 years ago.

Vyse: I want to know. I need to know why you think I killed your family.

Piastol: ......

Piastol: ...Very well. Perhaps it will help jog your memory, as well.

Piastol: 7 years ago... I was a young girl of 10 years.

Piastol: My father was a soldier in the Valua Armada. My entire family lived aboard his ship as we sailed the Valuan skies... together.

Piastol: One night, I was awakened by a loud explosion and rumbling.

Piastol: I rushed to the deck, and found nothing but a sea of flames.

Piastol: But, I could see through the flames that an Air Pirate ship was fast approaching.

Piastol: The rest of my family was on the bridge of our ship... but the flames were too strong. I couldn't get through to them.

Piastol: My father used to always tell me that in situations like this, to "save myself first."

Piastol: I was so worried about my father... and my baby sister... but instead, I rushed to the room where we kept the life boats.

Piastol: That is where I ran into an Air Pirate... A red- haired Air Pirate girl!

Aika: ...! Wait a second... that was you?!

Piastol: Yes, it was I. And for whatever reason, even though you were invading our ship, I found you unarmed.

Piastol: I reacted, as the soldier my father had raised me to be. Without a second thought, I drew my knife... I threw it with the intention to kill.

Piastol: But, my knife missed its mark. It's because you, Vyse, jumped in the way to protect her.

Piastol: And my knife struck your cheek. Yes, that scar on your cheek is from the knife that I threw.

Piastol: And while you were both still disoriented, I made away on a lifeboat and left you to burn on the ship that you destroyed.

Piastol: I later learned that the flagship "Aquila" did not sink...

Piastol: And that they... found my father's corpse. The doctors say that it was not the fire that had killed him... but a sword wound.

Piastol: I also heard that my sister was alive, but I have no idea where she is now.

Piastol: That is when I swore that I would have vengeance on the Air Pirates that destroyed my life.

Piastol: That is when I became a hunter of Air Pirates.

Piastol: Now do you understand, Vyse? Now do you understand why I hate you so?

Aika: ...Piastol, I hate to tell you this, but you've got a few things mixed up.

Aika: We weren't the ones that attacked you.

Aika: We just happened to be in the area when we saw that your ship was in trouble. We boarded your ship to try and help.

Piastol: How dare you?! You think your lies will fool me?!

Aika: I remember that incident, too. I remember everything that happened...

Aika: When we were getting prepared, I just figured it was a rescue mission... I was careless and didn't think I would need my weapons.

Aika: And... because of me... because of my stupidity... Vyse got hurt. All because of my carelessness.

Vyse: Aika...

Aika: ...Piastol. You've gotta believe me. We weren't the ones who attacked your ship.

Aika: I would never lie about that day. Not after what happened to Vyse. I... I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I did.

Piastol: ......

Piastol: Is that all you have to say?

Aika: Piastol...

Piastol: ...Vyse. I will come for you one last time.

Piastol: And then, I will put everything on the line. I will put an end to this cat and mouse game.

Vyse: ...Understood. Just call me at the Sailors' Guild, like always.

Piastol: Vyse... This will be our final battle!

Aika: Piastol! Wait a second!! There's something we need to tell you!!

Piastol: Nothing can save you now. The only thing I desire is to watch Vyse fall by my hand. That is all I live for.

Piastol: I will defeat you. The last 7 years of my life rests on the outcome of this very battle!

Piastol: ......

Vyse: Piastol...

Piastol: ...I knew I would lose. Having fought you three times already, I knew that I was no match for you. Only a fool would think otherwise.

Piastol: And... I know that you weren't lying.

Aika: Then... then why?! Why'd you still fight?!

Piastol: If it wasn't you Air Pirates that took my father's life, then what have the last 7 years of my life been for??

Piastol: For what reason have I fought... alone... All these long years?

Piastol: I lost my reason for living. No... it was wrong for me to only live for revenge in the first place.

Piastol: That is why I thought that I deserved to die by your hand... To cleanse myself of this lie that I have lived.

Aika: Piastol...

Vyse: ...Piastol. Near Sailors' Island, there is a small doctor's ship.

Vyse: Go find it. Doc, and your sister, Maria, are aboard that ship.

Piastol: W, what?! If you're lying to me, I shall make you pay with your life!

Vyse: Hey now, didn't you just say that you believed us? You better do something about that temper of yours...

Piastol: Vyse... Is it really true? Can I trust you?

Piastol: But... no! I can't see them! Not like this. Not as the Angel of Death. I can't let them know what has become of me.

Aika: Oh, come on! Relax, Piastol! Just go see them already!

Fina: I'm sure that Doc and Maria would be more than happy to see you, too.

Vyse: Now get going! We don't have time to sit here and smell the roses! We've got sailing to do!

Vyse: Oh, I almost forgot. I wanted to tell you one thing.

Vyse: Piastol... You're not the Angel of Death. You never were.

Vyse: You've always been Maria's older sister. Just ask her... I'm sure she'll tell you the same.

Piastol: Vyse... I... I don't know what to say...

Vyse: Maybe we'll see you again somewhere out in this big blue sky! Until then, Piastol!

Tara: What is this thing? I've never seen a ship like this before!

Lira: I wonder if there are men aboard this ship...

Pera: Shall we attack this ship as usual? I'm sure someone will come out then.

Vyse: What's all the noise?! Hey! Who are you??

Tara: Hey!

Lira: Wow!

Pera: Oh my!

Tara: He's actually kinda cute!

Lira: We haven't caught one this cute in a while!

Pera: Maybe today's our lucky day!

Lira: But what's with that eye patch thing? He's got no fashion sense.

Tara: What're you talking about! I think it gives him some flair!

Pera: Wow, Tara, you really have bad taste!

Tara: Fine then. I'll just keep him all to myself!

Lira: Hey, that's not fair!

Pera: Hey, that's not fair!

Vyse: Wh, who are these girls?!

Aika: I know! They've gotta be those girls that I read about at the Sailors' Guild! You know, the "Ixa'ness Demons"!!!

Aika: But who'da thought that the Ixa'ness Demons would be three little girls?? Kinda anticlimactic if you ask me.

Tara: Hey, who are these two ugly girls? They're starting to get on my nerves.

Lira: They're probably just jealous because we're so much younger and prettier.

Pera: That's why I hate old hags like them.

Aika: These three are really getting on my nerves! And why would we be jealous of you little twerps in the first place??

Aika: And Fina! Don't just stand there! Say something! They're insulting us!!!

Fina: ... Aika? What's an old hag?

Aika: Go figure.

Tara: Well then, everyone... I hope you're ready!

Lira: Of course!

Pera: I'm always ready!

Tara: Well, Mr. Handsome, you best prepare yourself! Because if we beat you, you'll have to marry one of us!!!

Tara: H, how could this be??

Lira: We're the Ixa'ness' most powerful warriors!!

Pera: I can't believe we lost!!

Aika: Now that that's settled, you guys have to promise not to cause any more trouble.

Tara: Hmph!

Lira: Hmph!

Pera: Hmph!

Tara: ...Defeat is defeat. You won fair and square, so we promise that we'll behave.

Lira: But, finding a good and strong man to marry is one of the traditions of the Ixa'ness warriors!

Pera: One day, we all hope to find a man like you!

Vyse: Like me? Well, uh, best of luck to ya.

Tara: Next time you come through this area, you best be careful! We just might come after you again!

Lira: As for you, old hags, you best be careful, too.

Pera: If you don't keep an eye on your man, we just might snatch him away from you both!

Aika: H, hey! Just get out of here already, will ya?! I'm getting tired of hearing your jabbering!

Tara: Farewell, Mr. Handsome! Don't be afraid to come back and play!

Vyse: Alright, everyone! We're home! Get some rest while we have the chance!

Aika: It really is nice to come home once in a while. Finally, I can have some time to unwind!

A Vaguely Familiar Voice: Heeeey, baby! How've ya been, Red? Ya miss me??

Fina: Oh! It sounds like there's someone out on the deck. Aika, is it a friend of yours?

Aika: That crude voice... That musky smell... Could it be...?

A Really Familiar Voice: Heh heh, I'm touched, baby! You remembered me! I'm back for ya! And this time, I'm not takin' "no" as an answer!

Vigoro: Vyse! Show yourself! Air Pirate Vigoro is here to greet you!

Aika: I knew it... That would explain why I've been feeling nauseous all day.

Vyse: Vigoro... You're alive!!

Vigoro: As much as ever. Since the last time we met, I've become an Air Pirate, as you can see.

Vigoro: And I've searched the world for the strongest sailors I could find, and picked fights with all of them.

Vigoro: Fight after fight, I emerged victorious! And I am stronger than ever! With this strength, you won't stand a chance against me!

Vyse: W, wait a second there, Vigoro... Are you saying that you want to fight? Again?!

Vigoro: Of course! And I even did everything the proper Air Pirate way! I boarded your ship, and now I'm challenging you to a fight!

Vigoro: Come on, Vyse! Once I defeat you, I will become the king of all Air Pirates!

Vigoro: Heh... You truly are... strong.

Vigoro: Even after all that traning, I still can't beat you ...

Vyse: Vigoro...

Vigoro: But, by fighting with you, I discovered something, and I've decided to make it my new motto.

Vigoro: I decided to adopt your policy of "no matter what happens, never give up."

Vigoro: I'm not giving up on defeating you. I'm going to become stronger, and next time we meet, I will surely beat you!

Vyse: ...Understood. Whenever you're ready, come find me.

Aika: I swear, he sure is persistent.

Vigoro: With that, I must go. My dear lovely crew members await me aboard the Draco.

Vigoro: Someday, I'll have my own headquarters like this! And I'll fill it up with the most beautiful women from around the world!

Vigoro: So long, Vyse! You better take care of those two pretty ladies until next time we meet! Especially Red!

Daikokuya: Ho ho! So this is the ship of the infamous Vyse, eh?

Daikokuya: Not bad, not bad!! Of course, I would have it painted in gold and purple. Gold makes everything look better.

Vyse: Someone sounded the alarm? Is someone raiding our ship or something??

Aika: Vyse! Over there!

Daikokuya: Vyse, I presume? My name is Daikokuya. Very nice to finally meet your acquintance.

Aika: What?! You mean to tell me that you're the same Daikokuya that's got a bounty on his head?!

Daikokuya: As the wealthiest man in Yafutoma, I lived a life of luxury. I had no want of material possessions. And yet, I felt... unsatisfied.

Daikokuya: Then I heard about your adventures in Yafutoma. I realized then that the life of an Air Pirate was the life that I had been craving!

Daikokuya: So, I bought a ship, got together a crew, and built this machine, "Tama," for my personal use.

Daikokuya: I wanted to travel the skies in search of fun and excitement, just like you, Vyse!

Vyse: Well, it's not all fun and games, you know...

Daikokuya: Nevertheless, I believe that it was fate that we have met this day.

Daikokuya: I think your head would make a fine trophy for me to take home.

Vyse: Sounds good. Only problem is you'll have to beat me first!

Daikokuya: Heh heh... Fool! There is nothing in this world that money can't buy!

Daikokuya: Very well, en garde, Vyse! I shall make you remember this day!

Daikokuya: I give up! You win! I wouldn't have expected any less of you! I think I'm smitten with you!

Daikokuya: That power... That strength! I guess there really are things in this world that money can't buy!

Aika: You've learned quite an important lesson! So, why don't you just stop wasting your money and quietly go home?

Daikokuya: You are speaking to the one and only Daikokuya!

Daikokuya: While I promise to cause no more trouble, I will not discontinue my travels around the world!

Vyse: Hahaha, you're an energetic old guy, aren't ya?

Daikokuya: Well well, if it isn't Vyse. We managed to get ourselves lost in this frigid place.

Daikokuya: I'm frozen stiff. I was hoping that you would warm me up, Vyse...

Vyse: W, warm you up?! Uh... you're joking, right??

Daikokuya: Only partly, but I know your love belongs to someone else. I guess this means I've found yet another thing that money cannot buy.

Aika: Ahahaha! Well, Vyse, you sure are popular these days!

Vyse: All hands on deck! Prepare for emergency escape!

Large Man: Hmm, you have the look of a sailor about you. Today is your lucky day. We're feeling generous, so leave all your money and we'll let you live.

Large Man: Do not attempt to resist! We are the legendary Air Pirates of the Larso Clan!

Vyse: So... You're Rupee Larso, eh? Good timing. We were just looking for you.

Vyse: You've made quite a name for yourself, robbing innocent sailors and all. As Blue Rogues, we cannot sit idly and let you continue like this!

Large Man: You're quite brave for such a small boy. Very well, then... Shall we battle here and get it over with?

Vyse: No, wait. There's no need to cause needless destruction in the city. Meet me at my ship. We can fight on the deck.

Large Man: Out in the open, eh? Very well. Lead the way.

Vyse: I am Vyse of the Blue Rogues. Rupee Larso... Prepare to defend yourself!

Large Man: Hahaha... You truly are a brave little boy. However, you are mistaken about one thing. I am not Rupee Larso.

Large Man: Master Rupee! It is time to do battle! Please come out here!

Rupee: Barta... You know how I hate fighting...

Barta: Master Rupee! You are the head of the Larso Clan! You should not say things like that! There are enemies present!

Barta: Now that your father has passed away, you are our leader! You must be strong!

Aika: This little runt is their leader? I'd heard that the leader of the Larso Clan was a giant! I guess I shouldn't believe everything I hear...

Barta: What did you say?!?! How dare you speak of Master Rupee like that! You shall pay for your insolence!!

Barta: I shall crush your skulls like so many Loquat Berries!!

Rupee: Like Loquat Berries?! Barta, do you always have to be so graphic?? It makes me sick to my stomach...

Barta: M, master Rupee! I was just trying to put fear into them! Be strong!! We are about to do battle!

Barta: Now, put your back into it! We must show them the true power of the Larso Clan!!

Lapen: What're you lookin' at, punk?!

Aika: Heh... Looks like we've got a live one here. At least this makes the bounty more interesting.

Vyse: I hear that you've been thrashing up cities with that machine of yours. Your name's Lapen, right?

Lapen: Heh, what of it? And what... you here to try and stop me or somethin'?

Vyse: Well, that's the plan. The name's Vyse. Vyse of the Blue Rogues. We're here to earn a little cash.

Lapen: So... You're this "Vyse" that everyone keeps talking about. You're makin' quite a name for yourself.

Lapen: This day's turning out to be quite interesting. If I can defeat you, that means that I'll become even more famous than you!

Vyse: Let's fight outside of the city. I don't want anyone not involved to get hurt. Come to my ship and we'll fight there.

Lapen: Heh... Coward. But if fighting outside makes you feel comfortable, whatever. You'll need all the help you can get to beat me.

Vyse: I hear that you built that machine yourself.

Lapen: Damn right I did. It's the only thing my good- for-nothing pops ever taught me.

Aika: Dad? You have a dad? I figured you must've just hatched from an egg and crawled out from under some rock somewhere.

Lapen: Watch your mouth! Besides, he's not even my real pops. He just found me somewhere and decided to raise me.

Lapen: I didn't ask for help. He just picked me up and brought me home. Anyway, his name is Centime... The coward.

Vyse: Wait a minute... Centime is your dad???

Aika: Hah! I doubt it. I don't see how Centime could have raised a slime ball like this!

Lapen: I said watch your mouth, wench! You don't know a single thing about what you're talking about!

Lapen: Me and Gunarm are gonna be big! Real big! Not like that old fart of a dad!

Lapen: Vyse, I'm gonna rip you apart with this machine! You best come at me with all you got because I'm not holdin' back!

Fina: Vyse! Crescent Isle is straight ahead!

Vyse: Yup, that's Crescent Isle all right. But it looks... different.

Enrique: If we reached Crescent Isle by flying east from Yafutoma, that means...

Aika: We sailed around the world!!!

Aika: Hey Vyse! How does it feel to have sailed around the world with your very own ship?

What will you say?: "I want to see more." "I thought it would take longer."

Vyse: I want to see more! I don't think I'll be happy until I see the whole world!

Vyse: I know there's more out there.

Fina: Haha... to think that we just made it home and Vyse is already talking about sailing some more... How typical of him.

Vyse: I thought it would take longer! I guess I always imagined the world being larger than it actually is.

Fina: That's probably because we sailed in a straight line across the world.

Fina: To make Vyse happy, we're probably going to have to visit every single continent.

Vyse: Hmm... You're probably right.

Aika: I don't think Vyse will ever be satisfied with what he's accomplished.

Fina: Hahaha... I agree.

Fina: It looks like there are some new buildings that weren't there before.

Aika: Izmael probably built them while we were gone with the money we gave him!

Aika: I wonder what Crescent Isle looks like now! Hurry up and land, Vyse!

Vyse: Alright! I can't wait to check it out!

Vyse: Brabham, could you take a look at these? These are plans for a ship we found at Dangral...

Brabham: Plans? Plans? I love lookin' at plans!

Brabham: What's this? These are plans to enable a ship to enter Deep Sky!

Vyse: Can you use these plans to modify the Delphinus?

Brabham: Darn tootin'! But it'll take me some time!

Brabham: Heh, I can't wait to get started!!! I can have it done in 10 days!

Vyse: Good... If anyone can do it... it's you.

You gave the "Ship Schematics" to Brabham.

Vyse: Modifications to the Delphinus began on that day.

Vyse: We needed 10 days to finish our preparations. Crescent Isle began to bustle with activity...

Vyse: Using the blueprints that we took from Valua, Brabham was hard at work rebuilding the engine of the Delphinus.

Vyse: I can't wait to see what lies in Deep Sky with my own eyes...

Vyse: Far beneath the great, blue sky... beneath the clouds... I can already imagine that the atmospheric pressure must be high...

Vyse: We must reinforce the Delphinus' hull to make sure that it doesn't collapse under the pressure...

Vyse: Where are we?

Aika: Vyse, I don't like this. Are you okay?

Vyse: Yeah, I think so... How about you?

Aika: I'm not sure yet... I feel... strange...

Gilder: Hey, Fina... Where'd the crazy old man go?

Fina: I don't know... I'm not sure what's going on. I've never been here before.

Elder Prime: You are in the Hall of Knowledge. This is where you will find the Chronicles of Arcadia.

Elder Prime: It is here, where you may observe the events that shaped the world as you know it.

Elder Prime: Look not with your eyes, but with your hearts. You will see the power of the Moon Crystals and witness the Rains of Destruction.

Vyse: It looks like a giant island!

Elder Prime: This is Soltis. Long ago, this continent flourished under the light of the Silver Moon.

Elder Prime: It was our home.

Aika: So, there was one continent for each moon, right?

Elder Prime: You are correct. The world was at peace, and its population was thirsting for knowledge.

Elder Prime: But their leaders used their newfound knowledge to create the Gigas. I believe you have seen what the Gigas can do first-hand.

Elder Prime: They all sought the power of the Moon Crystals. These six little gems twisted the hearts and souls of men.

Elder Prime: The world became a nightmare. One-thousand atrocities resulted in countless deaths.

Elder Prime: Even after most of the world was destroyed, the survivors sought to kill rather than heal.

Elder Prime: We watched and judged. We decided that the world could not be saved.

Elder Prime: Everything came from nothing, so to complete the cycle, we decided to destroy everything, so the world would once again, be nothing.

Elder Prime: We believed that a new, peaceful world would rise from the ashes of the old.

Elder Prime: Zelos, our own Gigas was born.

Elder Prime: It was a Gigas born from nothing, but it encompassed everything. It was truly almighty.

Elder Prime: We then commanded Zelos to focus it's energy on the Moons.

Elder Prime: Moon Stones battered the lands... The world was cleansed of evil.

Elder Prime: Zelos was the cause of the Rains of Destruction.

Elder Prime: ...When it was over, we placed Zelos in a state of suspended animation, and sealed him in the depths of Soltis with our magic.

Elder Prime: It was a magical seal so great, that only the power of the six Moon Crystals together could break it.

Elder Prime: Afterwards, we sent Soltis, along with Zelos, into Deep Sky, where we hoped, it would remain lost forever.

Elder Prime: Zelos was too powerful... Never should a living soul animate him.

Elder Prime: We separated this shrine from the rest of Soltis and fled to the skies.

Elder Prime: Since the days of the Old World, we have been watching the world rise from its ashes.

Gilder: So, this Great Silver Shrine carried the Silvites to safety after they destroyed the world. How convenient.

Vyse: You caused the Rains of Destruction!

Dyne: What the...?! Why is the ground shaking?!

King Ixa'taka: Isapa... What is the meaning of this?

Isapa: I do not know... The winds are shifting...

Isapa: Something is very, very wrong...

Drachma: What the... ?! Aaaargh!

Fina: Vyse... Now you'll get to see what lies beyond the sunset.

Gilder: This is amazing! We're almost as high as the Moons.

Aika: Vyse, look! Over by the Silver Moon! There's something there!

Fina: That is my home... the Great Silver Shrine.

Lower City Person: ... Feels like a storm is brewin'.

Lower City Person: Hey, look at the Moon. Is that an eclipse?

Upper City Person: The Moon looks rather odd, wouldn't you say?

Upper City Person: Who cares about the Moon! We're late for a party, and I simply look ravishing in my new dress.

Belleza: Your Majesty! Perhaps, you would be more comfortable sitting...

Enrique: Belleza... Look... look at the Moon!!

Alfonso: You're on your own Empress... I'm getting out of here!

Teodora: Guards! Escort me out of here at once!

Belleza: Enrique! Hang on!!!

Enrique: Don't worry about me! Just go!!!

Enrique: The Grand Fortress is still standing!!! We're trapped!!!

Belleza: !!!

Galcian: Ha ha ha ha! Excellent!

Galcian: I have won! Now, all shall bow before me!

Galcian: The world is mine!

Belleza: ... Prince... Enrique... ???

Enrique: Ugh... ugh...

Belleza: Your Majesty! You're alive...

Enrique: Belleza...

Enrique: Belleza... I... I thank you. Thank you for saving my life.

Belleza: There's no need to thank me... It's a miracle that either of us is alive.

Enrique: Valua... What happened to Valua?! Are the people alright?!

Enrique: Belleza...? Belleza, what happened?!

Enrique: ... What?

Enrique: No... it... it can't be. It's not real... It can't be real!!!

Enrique: Belleza, please... Please tell me that this is all just a bad dream...

Belleza: Prince Enrique... I'm... sorry.

Gilder: The skies are clear, and we've got the wind behind us.

Gilder: Considering we're about to enter a battle over the fate of the world, the weather is pretty good.

Baltor: Hurry up and give us the command to attack! My men are getting restless!

Baltor: This is the longest they've gone without attackin' someone! And they're gettin' jumpy!

Clara: Vyse, the Primrose awaits your command. We're ready to fight!

Clara: And take good care of Gilder!

Dyne: The Albatross II is ready when you are, son!

Gordo: Captain Vyse! We're ready for some action! We've got a personal score to settle with the Armada!

Gilder's Crew: Captain Gilder, we'll take care of The Claudia while you're gone! We'll try and get her back to you in one piece!

Centime: The Iron Clad isn't much of a warship, but it's the most maneuverable ship in the fleet. We're also hoping that they underestimate us.

Daigo: Don't worry about a thing, Vyse. The Tenkou and the rest of the Yafutoman Navy are right behind you!

Daigo: This is gonna be good!

Drachma: Boy... Let's get movin'! The Harpoon Cannon is ready for action!

Aika: Vyse! The Delphinus is ready when you are!

Give the Command!: "Let's Make History!" "Onward to Victory!"

Vyse: This day will always be remembered. How it's remembered is up to us! Right here, right now! Let's make history!

Vyse: Alright! Air Pirates... Onward to victory! Full speed to Soltis!

Gilder: Alright, I give up! How is that thing still flying?!

Aika: Vyse... They're getting away!

Vyse: Alright... Looks like we're going to have to do this the old fashioned way!

Vyse: Alright everyone! Prepare to board the Hydra! We're going to fight Galcian face to face.

Ramirez: You... How could you...

Fina: Ramirez, stop! Please! I don't want to fight you!

Ramirez: It is too late... Fina. There's no going back!

Ramirez: I will kill everyone and everything in this world!!! I will not be defeated!

Fina: Ramirez! What... what are you doing?!

Ramirez: Have you forgotten? Zelos' power does not stop with the Moons!

Ramirez: Zelos is almighty!!!

Ramirez: And only Silvites can control it!!!

Ramirez: To control Zelos, I shall forfeit my life!

Ramirez: Without Lord Galcian, my life is meaningless...

Fina: Ramirez!!! Please, don't!!!

Ramirez: The Ramirez you knew is already dead, Fina!

Ramirez: Zelos! I sacrifice my life for you! Zelos... awaken... I command you!!!

Aika: Aaahhh!!!

Vyse: It's changing!!!

Fina: Ramirez... why did he...?

Vyse: Everyone! We have to retreat! If we stay here, we'll all be crushed!

Vyse: That's Zelos?

Fina: Zelos will consume the mind and body of the person that sacrifices himself to it.

Fina: And then... depending on the mind of that person, Zelos will take a different shape.

Fina: "Everything" from "Nothing"... Zelos is the Gigas of the Void...

Aika: How do you expect us to beat this thing?!

Fina: Zelos has not finished taking shape. Once it does, it will be invincible!

Fina: But, if we attack while it is still forming...

Vyse: I understand. This is our only chance!

Vyse: Everyone, battle stations! We must defeat Zelos here and now!

Vyse: Fina... What's going on!?

Fina: Zelos is the Silver Gigas. If you have a Silver Crystal, you can control it.

Fina: But, in order to get a Crystal, a Silvite must die...

Aika: Zelos! It's... it's...

Fina: Yes... It's finally over...

Vyse: What the?!!!

Ramirez: It's not over yet!

Ramirez: Now you shall feel the wrath of Zelos! You shall suffer for all eternity!!! Zelos will feast on your souls!

Ramirez: No! This can't be happening!!!

Fina: It's finally over...

Vyse: ... Fina. Ramirez lived in the skies, and died in the skies...

Vyse: We sailors... when one of us dies, it is customary to return the body to the sky. Would you mind if we did the same for Ramirez?

Fina: ...No... please, go ahead...

Vyse: Ramirez... May you rest in peace...

Aika: Soltis! It's... gone...

Fina: Goodbye, Ramirez...

Aika: Well... What's next?

Aika: We've already sailed around the world... and there is no use for the Moon Crystals anymore...

Vyse: What are you talking about? Since when did we need a reason to sail?

Vyse: We're still young... Who knows what kind of trouble we can still get into?

Aika: Hahaha... So, Captain Vyse... where do we go from here?

Fina: Vyse... Aika... I... I have something to ask of you...

Fina: I would be honored if you would let me continue to sail with you.

Vyse: We wouldn't have it any other way...

Aika: Of course you can sail with us!!!

Fina: Thank you!

Gilder: Well, well... it's all so touching.

Aika: Why don't you all come with us!

Gilder: That doesn't sound like such a bad idea, but I should probably return to my ship. My men must be going crazy without me.

Gilder: I'll return to the Claudia and continue my search for... the good life...

Drachma: I've decided that I want to be a fisherman again.

Drachma: I want to live the rest of my life in peace, out of respect for Jack... and for Rhaknam.

Vyse: Well, Enrique, how about you?

Enrique: I must return to Valua.

Enrique: Someone needs to organize the survivors and start rebuilding...

Vyse: I understand... Good luck everyone!

Daigo: Hey! What about us?

Clara: Yes, what about us? Aren't we your friends, too? Why should they get all of the attention?

Centime: Clara, please... We just saved the world together... Can't you just enjoy the moment?

Gordo: Hey, when can we get something to eat around here?

Baltor: Aye! The Big Guy has a point! I think this calls for a party!

Vyse: Ha ha ha... I never thought I'd agree with Baltor.

Vyse: Everyone, back to Crescent Isle, for the biggest feast in history!

Everyone: YEAH!!!!!

Dyne: Son, I'd be honored if you called me Dad from now on...

Deep Voice: Westerners...

Deep Voice: We've been waiting for you.

Vyse: ...!

Vyse: Who are you?!

Jao: My name is Jao.

Mao: My name is Mao.

Jao: It is our mission...

Mao: collect 1000 swords.

Jao: So, you must pick one...

Mao: ...of two choices.

Jao: Surrender, and give up your weapons...

Mao: ...or die, and we take your weapons.

Jao: It is up to you...

Mao: decide your fate.

What will you do?: "Fight" "Surrender"

Vyse: How about we kick your butts and toss you overboard? Besides, you guys are unarmed, what can you possibly do to us?

Vyse: We are new to your land and we don't want any trouble. We will gladly give you our weapons.

Aika: What are you saying, Vyse?! Did you lose your brain somewhere in the Dark Rift?

Aika: I don't know who you guys are, but you'll have to kill us to get our weapons.

Jao: If that is your decision...

Mao: ...then we must kill you now.

Jao: Westerners...

Mao: are stronger than we thought.

Jao: We must report this...

Mao: our Commander.

Jao: We rule the skies of Yafutoma.

Mao: And we are known as Tenkou.

Jao: Westerners...

Mao: ... we shall meet again.

Vyse: Wow... How can they fly so high?

Fina: Blue Moon Stones hold the powers of wind and water.

Fina: The Yafutoman ships are powered by these Stones. By harnessing the power of the wind, their ships can reach altitudes that we can only imagine.

Enrique: Well, looks like we chased them off for now. We should try and find Yafutoma.

?n?????????l: ?N??????

?N??????: t)?s?A?X?g?? ?E?H???e?b?h ????

?????l: ?????i?K

?????i?K: t)?s?A?X?g?????P?i?K ?s?A?X?g?????Q?i?K ????

?????i?K: t)?s?A?X?g?????R?i?K ?s?A?X?g?????S?i?K ????

?N??????: t)?V???? ?????e?X?l?X ????

?N??????: t)???b?y?? ???s ????

?N??????: t)?r?S?? ?_?C?R?N?? ????

???P?i?K???o: W??????)???g???W???b?N ?f???t?B?i?X???@?C?X?b?? ????

???P?i?K???o: W??????)????

???Q?i?K???o: W??????)?f???t?B?i?X?o???A?b?? ?f???t?B?i?X???@?C?X?b?? ????

?o: W??????)???g???W???b?N ?f???t?B?i?X???@?C?X?b?? ????

?N??????: t)?o?C?X???s ?o??

?????A?C?e??: t)?????t?B?b?V???Q?S?C ???????Q?T?? ????

?A?C?e???Q?b?g: ?????t?B?b?V?????Q?S?C??????????

?A?C?e???Q?b?g: ?????????Q?T????????????

?o: W??????)?t?@?C?i?????~???X ?t?@?C?i???K???V?A?? ????

?A?C?e???Q?b?g: ?L???s???Z?b?g????????????

?A?C?e???Q?b?g: ?K?c?K?c?????????L???v?e???}?N?? ?T?O????????????????

?J?e?S??: ?)?M?K?X ?A???}?_ ?o??

?J?e?S??: ?)?t???o?g?? ?o??

?J?e?S??: ?)???????? ?o??

?????M?K?X: t)???h?L???????T?O?U ?O???f?K???f?T?P?T ????

?????M?K?X: t)?u?????E?z?E?T?R?P ?C?G???K?T?R?T ????

?????M?K?X: t)?W?F???X?T?S?V ?o??

?????A???}?_??: t)?o???A???m???T?O?P ?????N?X?T?O?V ????

?????A???}?_??: t)?J?~?????I???T?O?X ?J?~?????I???T?P?S ????

?????A???}?_??: t)?o???A?????T?P?W ?K???K???`???A?v???T?P?X ????

?????A???}?_??: t)?O???S???I???m???T?Q?O ?O???S???I?????T?Q?P ????

?????A???}?_??: t)?A?E???K?T?Q?Q ?h???R?T?R?O ????

?????A???}?_??: t)?o???A?G?????T?S?R ?K???V?A???e?q???T?S?S ????

?????A???}?_??: t)?J?~?????I???T?S?P ?q???h???T?S?T ?o??

?????C?x???g: t)?u???b?N?x?A?h?T?O?O ?G?W?????N?D?T?Q?T ????

?????C?x???g: t)?A???M???T?Q?S ?u???b?N?x?A?h?Q?T?V?R ????

?????C?x???g: t)?K?f?B?^?E?X?P?T?W?O ?K?f?B?^?E?X?Q?T?W?P ????

?????C?x???g: t)?K?f?B?^?E?X?R?T?W?Q ?K?f?B?^?E?X?S?T?W?R ?o??

?????t??: o?g??)?o???A?G???????T?U?S ?o???A?G???m???T?T?U ????

?????t??: o?g??)?o???A?G?V?s???T?V?T ???????D?T?T?Q ????

?????t??: o?g??)?G???????D?T?U?W ?o???A?????P?T?T?W ????

?????t??: o?g??)?o???A?????Q?T?U?Q ?o???A?G?????T?U?X ????

????????????: t)???b?N???T?V?U ?I?r?X?{?T?V?V ????

????????????: t)?q???W?G?????T?V?W ?A???j???T?V?X ????

????????????: t)???W???P?T?R?V ???W???Q?T?R?W ?o??

?????D????: t)?o?g???P?T?P?R?T?T?O ?o?g???Q?T?T?P?T?U?O ?o?g???R?T?U?Q?T?V?Q

?????D????: t)???b?N???T?P?R ?I?r?X?{?T?Q?R ????

?????D????: t)?A???j???T?R?Q ?J?~?????I???T?S?O ????

?????D????: t)?o???A?????T?S?Q ???????D?T?T?O ?o??

?????D????: t)???????D?T?T?P ?o???A?G???????T?T?R ????

?????D????: t)?o???A?G???????T?T?T ?o???A?????P?T?T?W ????

?????D????: t)?G???????D?T?T?X ?o???A?G???????T?U?O ?o??

?????D????: t)?o???A?????Q?T?U?Q ?o???A?G?????T?U?R ????

?????D????: t)?o???A?G???????T?U?S ?G???????D?T?U?T ????

?????D????: t)?o???A?G?V?s???T?U?U ?G???????D?T?V?Q ?o??

?????D????: t)?K?c???????L???v?e???}?N ?L???s???Z?b?g ?o??

?????D????: t)?C?x???g?V?b?v?o?g?? ?t???V?b?v?o?g?? ?o??

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P???g???W???b?N ?k?u15????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P???g???W???b?N ?k?u1620

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P???g???W???b?N ?k?u2125

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P???g???W???b?N ?k?u2630

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P???g???W???b?N ?k?u31????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?o???A?b?? ?k?u15????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?o???A?b?? ?k?u1620

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?o???A?b?? ?k?u2125

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?o???A?b?? ?k?u2630

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?o???A?b?? ?k?u31????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u15????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u1620

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u2125

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u2630

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???P?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u31????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?o???A?b?? ?k?u30????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?o???A?b?? ?k?u3135

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?o???A?b?? ?k?u3640

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?o???A?b?? ?k?u4145

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?o???A?b?? ?k?u46????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u30????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u3135

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u3640

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u4145

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???Q?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u46????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???R?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u35????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???R?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u3640

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???R?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u4145

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???R?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u4650

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???R?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u51????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???S?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u40????

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???S?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u4145

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???S?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u4650

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???S?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u5155

???x??????: ?s?A?X?g???S?f???t?B?i?X ?k?u56????

???x??????: ???s?o?c(???g???W???b?N) ?k?u15????

???x??????: ???s?o?c(???g???W???b?N) ?k?u1620

???x??????: ???s?o?c(???g???W???b?N) ?k?u2125

???x??????: ???s?o?c(???g???W???b?N) ?k?u2630

???x??????: ???s?o?c(???g???W???b?N) ?k?u31????

???x??????: ???s?o?c(?f???t?B?i?X) ?k?u15????

???x??????: ???s?o?c(?f???t?B?i?X) ?k?u1620

???x??????: ???s?o?c(?f???t?B?i?X) ?k?u2125

???x??????: ???s?o?c(?f???t?B?i?X) ?k?u2630

???x??????: ???s?o?c(?f???t?B?i?X) ?k?u31????

???x??????: ?????e?X?l?X?k?u35????

???x??????: ?????e?X?l?X?k?u3640

???x??????: ?????e?X?l?X?k?u4145

???x??????: ?????e?X?l?X?k?u4650

???x??????: ?????e?X?l?X?k?u51????

???x??????: ???b?y???k?u30????

???x??????: ???b?y???k?u3135

???x??????: ???b?y???k?u3640

???x??????: ???b?y???k?u4145

???x??????: ???b?y???k?u46????

???x??????: ?_?C?R?N???k?u40????

???x??????: ?_?C?R?N???k?u4145

???x??????: ?_?C?R?N???k?u4650

???x??????: ?_?C?R?N???k?u5155

???x??????: ?_?C?R?N???k?u56????

???x??????: ?o?C?X?k?u35????

???x??????: ?o?C?X?k?u3640

???x??????: ?o?C?X?k?u4145

???x??????: ?o?C?X?k?u4650

???x??????: ?o?C?X?k?u51????

???x??????: ?V?????k?u40????

???x??????: ?V?????k?u4145

???x??????: ?V?????k?u4650

???x??????: ?V?????k?u5155

???x??????: ?V?????k?u56????

???x??????: ?r?S???k?u55????

???x??????: ?r?S???k?u5660

???x??????: ?r?S???k?u6165

???x??????: ?r?S???k?u6689

???x??????: ?S?r?S???k?u90????

me251a.sct[edit | edit source]

Clara: Ta-da! Feast your eyes on this!

Aika: Wow! It looks delicious! Clara, you're amazing!

Gilder: Well, Fina, it looks like this is going to be a great party!

Fina: Yes... thank you... all of you. It means so much to me.

Fina: I... I started off not knowing anything about this world. But, thanks to all of you, I was one of the first to sail around it.

Aika: I remember... when you first got here, you didn't even know what it meant to buy stuff.

Gilder: What? What kind of crazy place is she from?

Aika: I'm not lying. She said that they don't use gold at the Great Silver Shrine.

Gilder: Wow... that's odd. I don't know if you guys are really advanced... or really behind!

Fina: It's not just gold that we don't have... Flowers... animals... there are so many things that I've never seen until I came here.

Fina: In my travels with all of you, I experienced so much.

Fina: And, one more thing... I learned something very important while I was here...

Fina: When I left the Shrine, the Elders told me, "You cannot trust anybody in that world."

Fina: They said that the people of this world were fools who just bickered amongst themselves and burned in the flames that they themselves set.

Fina: But, I met so many caring people while I was here...

Fina: I learned that even though some try to obtain their objectives through war... There are others that work together to try and bring peace.

Fina: I learned so much...

Fina: The memories that we've shared will be the most valuable treasures I'll ever have.

Gilder: Well then! Tonight, we party until morning!!!

Everyone: Yeah!

And so, Fina's farewell party continued merrily until the morning light.

Food was shared, tales were told, and the bonds of friendship were strengthened.

The first encounter with Fina... The great escape from Valua... The search for the Moon Crystals...

As the memories resurfaced, it seemed as if there would be no end to the days they would spend traveling together.

And then...

Vyse: Fina, what's wrong? Let's join in the fun!

Fina: ... Yes...

Fina: Tomorrow... I'll have to leave... I'll be alone... again.

Fina: I... I don't want to leave.

Fina: I want... I want to stay here... with all of you. You all mean so much to me.

Vyse: Oh, Fina... I...

Fina: Aaahhhhh!!!

Vyse: What was that!?

Marco: Vyse! Vyse! It's an emergency! It's the Armada! They're here!!!

Vyse: The Armada?!

me253a.sct[edit | edit source]

Valuan Soldier: Lord Galcian! We've just received a message from Central Station in Upper City... They've spotted some Air Pirates snooping around the rail cars.

Galcian: What?

Galcian: And the Air Pirates who escaped the execution... Are they still free?

Valuan Soldier: Yes, Lord Galcian. My humblest apologies...

Galcian: It matters not...

Valuan Soldier: I'll summon the City Guards and sweep all of the rail cars. We'll find them.

Galcian: That won't be necessary. We know where they are heading... they are going to try to rescue the girl.

Galcian: What's the status of the Grand Fortress gates?

Valuan Soldier: They're currently open, sire. They aren't scheduled to close for a while.

Galcian: Close the gates immediately. Place all ships in the bay on full alert.

Galcian: Dispatch the Imperial Rail Car immediately. I shall deal with these pirates myself.

Valuan Guard: Yes, Lord Galcian.

me260a.sct[edit | edit source]

Ship Doctor: I apologize for the abruptness. I know you don't really need my services and have no need to stay, but I have a favor to ask of you.

Ship Doctor: But first, let me introduce myself. The name's Doc,or that's what everyone calls me. I'm a free doctor; I don't have a country to call home.

Doc: But, that lets me live the way I want to. So, I fly the skies and heal sick and injured sailors wherever the winds take me.

Doc: Oh, and this is Maria. She's a little quiet and shy, but she's a good kid.

Maria: ......

Vyse: ...Right. Now what was it that you wanted to ask us to do?

Doc: Heh... Direct and to the point. I like that. But, here. Take this lens. It's sort of related to what I want to ask you.

Doc: That thing's called a "Moon Lens." It's a special lens made from Moonstones. With it, you can see things you wouldn't normally be able to.

Doc: Here, put the lens on and look where I'm pointing.

Vyse: Whoa! There's something... some sort of creature right there!!!

Doc: It's a "Moonfish." They're tricky little fellas to catch because they're, well, transparent. You can only see them using that lens.

Doc: Which brings me to the favor that I wanted to ask of you. I want you to find as many of these Moonfish as you can and bring them back to me.

Doc: They tend to nest in populated areas for whatever reason, so check towns and dungeons.

Doc: But, they try to keep out of most people's ways, so look in hard to reach areas like behind buildings, under bridges, and rooftops...

Doc: Oh, one more thing. Whenever you're near a Moonfish, the Moon Lens I gave you will react and make a sound, so pay attention.

Vyse: Ok. So I use this lens to see the little guys. How in the 6 Moons am I supposed to catch them?

Doc: It's pretty easy, actually. Here, let me put the Moon Lens into your goggles...

Doc: When I'm done, you can use it when you go into first-person point of view (Y Button).

Doc: Once you find a Moonfish, a target will appear. Line it up with the Moonfish.

Doc: And when you've got the Moonfish in your sights, just press the A Button.

Doc: And here you go, the lens was a perfect fit. Well? Sounds easy enough, right?

Doc: Actually, the reason for all this is a bit strange. A little bird got lost and found its way to my ship.

Doc: I decided to take care of it for now, but I just don't get what this bird's problem is. He refuses to eat anything other than Moonfish.

Doc: But, for whatever reason, Maria seems to have really grown attached to the critter. So, I do what I can to keep it happy.

Maria: ......

Doc: It's... sorta my responsibility to take care of Maria. Anything she wants, I provide. Of course, there's only so much I can do.

Doc: But, I can't leave my ship. I can't leave Maria here all alone. That's why I'm asking you for this favor.

Doc: Of course, I will compensate you adequately. Bring me lots of fish, and I'll give you items in return.

Doc: So, please... if you find any Moonfish, bring them to me! I will be eternally grateful.

Maria: ......

Doc: Look how big your little bird has grown, Maria! And it's all thanks to this young man and his friends!

Maria: ......

Maria: ......ank you.

Doc: W, w, huh?! Maria!!! Did you just say something?!

Maria: ...Thank you.

Doc: M, Maria...

Doc: Vyse, I... I can't thank you enough.

Doc: I don't know how many years it's been since I've heard Maria's voice.

Aika: What?! You mean to tell me that your own daughter hasn't spoken to you in years???

Doc: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up there, honey. I'm still single. I don't even have a wife, let alone a kid.

Doc: Maria's not my kid. She, uh... lost her family a few years back.

Doc: I may not look the part now, but at one point in my life, I was a Valuan soldier.

Doc: I worked for Mendosa, a former Admiral of the Valuan Armada, as a doctor onboard his flagship.

Doc: And Maria is his daughter... the daughter of a Valuan Admiral.

Doc: However, when she was still very young, she lost her father, and the rest of her family, in a horrible accident.

Doc: It was a horrifying experience for such a little kid to go through. Since then, she hasn't shown a hint of emotion, or spoken a single word.

Doc: And I don't blame her, either. The poor kid had to watch her family's ship, with all of her family still onboard, sink below the clouds.

Doc: So, I took her under my wing, and retired from the military. And that's when I became a free ship doctor.

Doc: That's why it's... sorta my responsibility to make sure Maria is happy. It's my resposibility, and my punishment, of sorts.

Doc: Hm? Oh! I'll be right there, Maria!

Doc: Ever since she stopped talking, whenever she needs me, she just rings her bell like that.

Doc: And every time I hear that bell, my heart nearly breaks...

Doc: Vyse... I beg of you. Please find more Moonfish.

Doc: The little bird, for whatever reason, seems to be getting through to Maria. She seems to be coming out of her shell at long last.

Doc: Who knows? Maybe Maria will actually smile again someday! Heh... I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, but I can't help it.

Doc: But, I'm going to bet on you. Something tells me that if anyone can heal Maria's wounds, it's you. I'm counting on you, Vyse!

Maria: Thank you for bringing these fish for me.

Doc: M, Maria!!

Vyse: Heh... For you, Maria, it's no problem at all.

Vyse: If it's Moonfish you want, just leave it up to me! I'm going to bring you more than you'll ever need!

Maria: ...Thank you!

Doc: Thank you, Vyse. Maria is slowly becoming herself again.

Doc: I owe everything to you. I don't know what to say. I thank you from my the bottom of my heart. I really do.

Vyse: Aww, come on, Doc! Don't get all teary-eyed on me. I'll just keep gathering fish to make her happy, ok?

Doc: You know, you remind me of a man I used to work with.

Doc: He was a lot like you; honest, kind... the kind of guy that everyone likes. Well, he was a little more refined than you, though.

Doc: His name was Ramirez. I hear that he's been promoted to the position of Admiral in the Valuan Armada, now.

Fina: ...Ramirez?!

Doc: Huh? You guys know him?

Aika: Well, more or less...

Vyse: Doc, can you tell us what you know about Ramirez?

Doc: Uh, sure...

Doc: It was a long time ago... back when I was still working for Admiral Mendosa in the Valuan Armada.

Doc: We were sailing around Mid Ocean when we encountered a ship of the likes we had never seen before.

Doc: And aboard that ship was Ramirez. He was... an odd fellow, to say the least. I distinctly remember the clothes he had on... Very unusual.

Doc: But, Ramirez turned out to be as intelligent as he was good with a blade. Admiral Mendosa grew to like him rather quickly.

Doc: Admiral Mendosa saw that he had potential and began training him to become an officer of the Valuan Armada. He had high hopes for him...

Doc: We were all surprised at how little he knew about the world, but he was so honest and so sincere that everyone loved him.

Doc: And I, too, was glad to have a crewmate who seemed trustworthy. Someone I could call a friend.

Mendosa: Ramirez, from this day forth, you are a member of the Valuan Armada. Hold your chin high!

Ramirez: Thank you very much for all your help, m'lord.

Doc: Way to go, Ramirez! I always knew you'd make the cut.

Ramirez: Thank you, too, Doctor.

Doc: Oh come on, you can stop calling me "Doctor" all the time. Everyone just calls me Doc.

Mendosa: Hahahaha... You two never change.

Mendosa: I just want to let you know, you two are like sons to me. The sons I never had. I hope I can count on you as my right hand men.

Doc: M'lord, yer being a little greedy there, aren't ya? M'lord already has two lovely daughters of his own, and yet he wants sons, too?

Mendosa: Hahahaha... That's not what I mean. All I'm saying is that you two can count on me as you would a father.

Ramirez: ......

Ramirez: M'lord... I thank you. You do not know how much that means to me.

Vyse: Who woulda thought that Doc and Ramirez used to be buddies...

Doc: Alright, Maria! I hear ya! I'll be there in a second!

Doc: Vyse, please feel free to come by and visit whenever you want. I'm sure Maria and her little feathered friend will be happy to see you.

Doc: But don't forget to bring more Moonfish with you! I'm sure there's plenty more still out there somewhere!

Maria: Thank you, Vyse. Picollo says thank you, too.

Vyse: Heh... His name is Picollo, huh? Cute name.

Vyse: Tell him that I'll bring even more fish next time, okay?

Maria: ...Ok!

Aika: Maria can actually talk to that bird?

Doc: Sure seems like it. I don't know for sure, though. But either way, it looks like they understand each other on some level.

Doc: Now that I think about it, even her older sister...

Fina: Um... Doc?

Doc: I'm sorry I'm sorry. I was lost in thought.

Fina: Doc, please... tell me about Ramirez. When you first knew him. I must know...

Fina: I need to know what happened to him... What changed him so.

Doc: Hmm... Sounds like you've got some pretty personal reasons for wanting to know.

Doc: Very well. I told you about how Ramirez and I met, right?

Doc: Well, soon after that, we were sent to Ixa'taka, just after Valua had begun to occupy the area.

Doc: What's wrong, Ramirez? Ever since we got to Ixa'taka, you've looked troubled. Don't be afraid to speak your mind.

Ramirez: Well...

Ramirez: If I may speak freely, I feel that Valua is wrong in its ways... in the way it treats the Ixa'takans.

Doc: H, hey wait a minute there, Ramirez!

Ramirez: Putting the people into slavery, forcing them to mine for Moonstones... and all for Valua's profit? It's horrible.

Doc: Ramirez...

Mendosa: ...Ramirez. You are absolutely right. I, as a father of two, feel the same way.

Mendosa: I feel a sadness deep in my heart for the plight of the people of Ixa'taka.

Mendosa: How's this, then? I will personally express these grievances to the Empress herself. Let me deal with it, Ramirez.

Ramirez: ...Thank you, m'lord.

One day, we ran into Admiral Galcian in Ixa'taka.

Back then, Lord Galcian was still just another Admiral in the Armada, but stories of his military prowess were spreading rapidly.

Actually, the reason why Valua had so easily conquered Ixa'taka and occupied it was due to the great military feats of Lord Galcian.

Of course, Ramirez went straight to Galcian, being the root of all the evils in Ixa'taka.

Ramirez: Lord Galcian! How can you treat the Ixa'takans like this?! It's despicable!

Doc: R, Ramirez! You can't talk like that to an Admiral!!!

Ramirez: Stay out of this, Doc. This has nothing to do with you. And no matter what happens, I know Admiral Mendosa will stand up for me.

Galcian: Admiral Mendosa? Heh... Fool.

Ramirez: What did you say?! How dare you speak ill of Admiral Mendosa! I will not stand here and let you tarnish his honor!

Galcian: It was not Mendosa that I called a fool. It is you, boy, who follow him so blindly, that is the fool.

Ramirez: Wh, what did you say?

Galcian: People are not to be trusted. Depend on a person too much and they will betray your trust sooner or later.

Galcian: I only believe in power. Power will never betray you.

Galcian: And that is why I search this land for an even greater power. And if such a power exists, I swear, it shall be mine.

Galcian: You will someday understand the meaning of my words. When that day comes, I will be awaiting you.

Ramirez: ......

Doc: That was the first time Ramirez and Galcian had ever met.

Doc: If I had only stopped Ramirez back then, things may have turned out much differently.

Maria: Uncle Doc?

Doc: Wait a second, Maria! I'll be right there!

Maria: Hehe... Ever since she started talking again, Maria stopped using that bell and now she calls me by name.

Doc: And it always makes me feel weak in the knees whenever she calls me "uncle." Heh... I'm such a sucker for those pretty little eyes.

Aika: Alright, we'll get outta your way. You're probably busy, anyway. We'll talk more about Ramirez some other time, ok?

Doc: Sure thing. And don't forget to bring more Moonfish!

Maria: Thank you for always bringing fish for me...

Maria: Look how much Picollo has grown!

Vyse: Whoa... And to think he used to be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

Doc: Tell me about it. Who'd have thought that it would grow this big.

Maria: Picollo, let's go play over there!

Picollo: Chirp!

Doc: Maria, be careful! If that big guy starts running around, this rickety old ship won't hold together long!

Maria: I know! Picollo, come on! Over here!

Doc: I just wanted to thank you, Vyse. Because of you and your crew, Maria has finally come out of her shell. She's become herself again.

Doc: In return... well, that's a strange way to put it, but in return, I'll tell you the rest of my story.

Doc: It's hard... for me to talk about it. But, if Maria can be strong enough to get over her past...

Doc: ...I can't sit here and dwell on my past, either. I guess I've finally become strong enough to realize that.

Vyse: Doc...

Doc: Well, if you must know, then I'll tell you. I'll tell you of the tragedy that befell Ramirez...

Doc: "Depend on a person too much and they will betray your trust sooner or later." Or so Galcian told Ramirez.

Doc: Maybe that hit a little close to home... I don't know. But for whatever reason, Ramirez began to snoop around for information regarding Mendosa.

Doc: And that's when we found out that... That Mendosa was using the Ixa'takans as slaves for his own personal profit.

Doc: He forced the Ixa'takans to work a few extra hours here and there, and pocketed all the extra Moonstones that they found for himself.

Doc: The shock of this discovery was almost too much for Ramirez to bear. He went directly to Admiral Mendosa and confronted him...

Ramirez: M'lord! Is... is it true? Is it true about the Moonstones?! And the Ixa'takan slaves?!

Mendosa: I won't lie to you. Yes, it is true. But, what's the problem? Is there something wrong with making money? With desiring wealth and power?

Ramirez: You are forcing the Ixa'takans to work grueling hours in inhumane conditions!

Ramirez: M'lord, you promised me... You told me that you would speak to Her Majesty in regards to the way the Ixa'takans were being treated!

Mendosa: Hahaha... You truly are naive, aren't you? And what exactly do you think would have happened if I did that?

Mendosa: Her Majesty would find out about my little scheme, and I would basically be signing my own death warrant.

Ramirez: How... how could you lie to me like that?!

Mendosa: It is quite unfortunate that things had to turn out this way, Ramirez. And to think I thought of you as a son...

Mendosa: Regardless, you have uncovered my plans and have left me with no choice. Guards! Seize him!

Ramirez: Everything... All that I have believed in...

Ramirez: Aaaaaaaarrgh!

Doc: By the time I got there, it was already too late.

Doc: The guards... even Admiral Mendosa... they had all fallen under Ramirez's blade.

Doc: Ramirez!! What... what have you done?!

Ramirez: I... I'm sorry, Doc.

Ramirez: But, I can no longer trust humans. I can no longer remain here.

Doc: Wait! Ramirez! Where are you going?!

Ramirez: Goodbye, Doc. The Ramirez that you knew is no more. He died the moment I drew my blade against Admiral Mendosa.

Ramirez: From now on, I will only believe in strength. I shall only follow those with power.

Doc: Wait!!! Ramirez! Ramireeeeez!!!

Doc: ...And so, Ramirez went to Galcian's side, and I believe you know the rest of the story.

Doc: I had spent so much time with both Mendosa and Ramirez, and yet I could do nothing to stop this tragedy from happening.

Doc: If I only had the strength to stop him, Mendosa, Ramirez, and even Maria... all of their lives would have turned out so much differently.

Vyse: Doc...

Doc: I know, I know. I'm going to stop living in the past. Just gotta keep looking forward and hope for the best!

Doc: And besides, I think it's a blessing that I was able to save Maria from the burning wreckage of the Aquila...

Doc: But, I heard that some Air Pirates that were passing through the area helped save most of the crew after we left, though.

Fina: Aquila... That name...

Aika: W, wait a second there, Fina. You don't think...?

Aika: Hey, Doc... Maria wouldn't happen to have an older sister, would she?

Doc: Actually, she did. Wait, did I forget to tell you that?

Doc: Well, unfortunately, she went missing after the accident. Nobody knows what happened to her. Poor Piastol...

Doc: It's bothered me for years that I couldn't save both of them...

Fina: Vyse, then it is her!

Vyse: There's no doubt about it. Maria and Piastol are long-lost sisters.

Aika: We gotta tell Piastol!!!

Vyse: Piastol said that she would come to fight us again sometime.

Vyse: When we see her, we'll tell her everything we know. What she does with this information is up to her.

Vyse: Wow! He just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Aika: Well, I think if anything ate that many Moon Fish, it'd grow at least half as much...

Aika: But I bet that Maria's real happy that he's grown so much! Huh, Doc?

Doc: ...You'd think so, but life doesn't always turn out the way you expect.

Maria: Picollo... He wants to go home.

Vyse: Huh?

Maria: Picollo has grown wings... so now he's saying he wants to go home... Home to where all his friends are.

Doc: I think he has a point, though. If we don't return him to nature, he'll never find any of his own kind, let alone find someone to marry.

Doc: But the one thing that's keeping me worried is if this guy leaves, Maria's going to fall into depression again.

Maria: Uncle Doc, I... I'll be fine.

Doc: M, Maria??

Maria: Ever since Daddy and my sister... went away, I've been so lonely.

Maria: And I think that Picollo feels lonely, too.

Maria: I'm going to miss him, but I think he should go home so he won't be lonely anymore.

Maria: I have you and Vyse to take care of me, too! I don't have to be lonely anymore!

Vyse: Well! You sure have grown, Maria!

Doc: Vyse... I don't know how to thank you...

Doc: To think this is the same Maria that I've been caring for all these years... I can't believe it. I owe everything to you.

Vyse: Hey! Looks like he's getting ready to leave!

Aika: Sorta reminds ya of when we left Pirate Isle, eh Vyse?

Maria: Good-bye, Picollo! Be nice to your new friends! And come back to see me sometime!

Maria: Oh hey! It's Vyse!

Doc: Thanks for stopping by. I don't have much to offer in the way of comforts, but you're free to stay as long as you wish.

Doc: Oh, hey... I almost forgot to tell you something. Piastol came by the other day.

Vyse: R, really?!

Doc: Yep... It was a day I'll never forget.

Piastol: E, excuse me...

Maria: Um... Are you one of Uncle Doc's patients?

Piastol: Heh, no...

Piastol: I was... uh... just passing by and thought I'd drop in.

Maria: Oh... I see.

Piastol: Were you... looking for something out there? I saw you staring out at the sky.

Maria: Yeah. My friend, Picollo, is out there somewhere. I was just wondering how he was doing.

Maria: Picollo used to live here, but he flew home to be with his friends. He's a bird, you know.

Piastol: I see... It must be lonely for you without him.

Maria: ...Yeah.

Maria: Picollo and I are like each other. We both were so lonely... with no other friends.

Maria: But, he grew up and was able to go see his friends.

Piastol: ......

Maria: But, Uncle Doc told me something. He told me that I have a big sister.

Maria: And that my big sister is out there, somewhere, flying through the skies. I wonder if I'll ever get to meet her?

Piastol: Y, yeah...

Piastol: I, I'm sure you will. Someday, you will. I just know it.

Maria: Really?? You think so! Wow...

Piastol: ...Would it be ok if I came back? You know, to talk with you again?

Maria: Of course!

Piastol: ...Thank you. You don't know how much that means to me.

Doc: I think she wants to get to know her little by little. To ease back into things. Someday, they will be family again.

Doc: Vyse... I've heard about you and Ramirez from various rumors from sailors passing through.

Doc: One of you, either you or Ramirez, will not walk away alive from this mess. Which means I will lose one of my dear friends, either way.

Vyse: Doc...

Doc: Vyse, just follow your instincts. Just do what you have to. I know you're sailing the path that you feel is right.

Doc: I get the feeling that deep down inside, Ramirez is doing the same.

Doc: ...Good luck, Vyse.

Vyse: ...Thanks.

Doc: I see you've caught some Moonfish. Here, let's feed the little critter.

What will you do?: "Feed the bird a Moonfish." "Return to your ship."

You gave the "Moonfish" to Maria's bird.

Doc: Well, be sure to go out there and catch more Moonfish for Maria's little friend!

Aika: Hmm... That thing is getting... big.

Vyse: Geez. I wonder how much more it'll grow??

Aika: Hey! Vyse, look! Something's different about him!!

Vyse: What's wrong??

Aika: I dunno... He looks different for some reason.

Doc: I don't know why or how, but it looks like every time he grows, his body changes in other ways, too.

Aika: Eew. It coughed up something. Oh wait, there's something inside the... um... hairball.

Doc: Tell ya what... As a token of my appreciation, you can keep whatever the bird spits up. Ok?

Doc: Looks like you've still got some Moonfish left over. Do you want to feed another one to the bird?

Doc: Thanks for stopping by! But, unfortunately, I'm about to head out on a house call. I'm afraid you're gonna have to come back later.

Maria: Vyse, come back soon!

You received the "Riselem Crystal"

You received the "Warrior's Rune"

You received the "Flame Mantle"

You received the "Gem of Fluidity"

You received 50 "Sky Sardis"

You received the "Aura of Valor"

You received the "Counter Bracer"

You received the "Riselem Box"

You received the "Female Armor"

You received the "White Map"

You received 30 "Romuhai Fish" and 30 "Grule"

You received the "Warrior's Heart"

You received the "Ancient Bracer"

You received the "Magillex Idol"

You received the "Ghost Mail"

You received the "Sword of Daccat"

You received two "Gold Bullion"

You received the "Constitution Gem"

You received the "Defensive Aura"

You received the "Euconyx Idol"

You received the "Fiber Mail"

You received the "Marksman Gun"

You received the "Hydra Wing" and the "Silver Arm" and the "Serpent Strike"

me292a.sct[edit | edit source]

Vyse: Captain...

Drachma: ... Is that you, boy?

Drachma: What are you doin' up at this hour? You should be gettin' some rest.

Vyse: I was about to say the same thing. It's the middle of the night.

Vyse: What's that?

Drachma: Hrmph...

Drachma: ... Open it.

Vyse: It's full of...

Vyse: Feathers...

Drachma: ... My son collects... used to collect those.

Vyse: You had a son?

Drachma: ... Aye. About the same age as you.

Drachma: A long time ago, I ran a fishin' boat in North Ocean...

Drachma: My son was learnin' to be a sailor. He used to come out with us. His name was... Jack.

Drachma: He was a small boy, who liked to help out. The other sailors... they used to call him "Little Jack".

Vyse: ......

Drachma: One day, we went out fishin' as usual. Then Rhaknam came.

Drachma: We didn't know how powerful Rhaknam was, and we tried to fight him.

Drachma: But, there was no way a fishin' boat stood a chance against that thing. Rhaknam destroyed our ship. I barely managed to survive...

Drachma: But my crew... and Jack... weren't so lucky. Last time I saw Jack, he was clutching some feathers as he fell... like they'd stop him from falling.

Drachma: I can still hear my son scream as he fell... From that day on, I swore revenge on Rhaknam... for my crew and for Jack.

Drachma: I need to kill Rhaknam... to avenge my crew... and my son.

Drachma: ... Hrmph. I'm getting long-winded in my old age. Don't let it bother you... it's my problem.

Vyse: Captain...

Vyse: This fog! Could it be...

Drachma: Boy... go wake the others.

Drachma: It's him. Rhaknam is here.