Super Moves

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Super moves are unique moves among the playable characters that can be used in battle which can have offensive, defensive, or recovering properties.

Vyse[edit | edit source]

Image Name Moonberry Cost Spirit Cost Description
Vyse1 Cutlass Fury.jpg Cutlass Fury 0 (automatic) 7
Vyse unleashes his fury on a single enemy, causing major damage.
Vyse2 Counterstrike.jpg Counterstrike 1 1
Vyse takes a defensive stance, countering all enemy physical attacks for a full turn.
Vyse3 Rain of Swords.jpg Rain of Swords 2 14
Vyse summons the power of lightning to rain down upon all the enemies on the screen.
Vyse4 Skull Shield.jpg Skull Shield 2 5
Vyse summons the spirit of an ancient Air Pirate to defend and counterattack for his crew.
Vyse5 Pirate's Wrath.jpg Pirate's Wrath 4 21
Vyse unleashes the wrath of the Air Pirates on a single enemy for devastating damage.

Aika[edit | edit source]

Image Name Moonberry Cost Spirit Cost Description
Aika1 Alpha Storm.jpg Alpha Storm 1 4
Aika spins her boomerang, summoning a vortex of flames to strike all enemies in a line.
Aika2 Delta Shield.jpg Delta Shield 1 2
Creates an anti-magic shell around all allies for 1 turn. (Blocks allies' magic too.)
Aika3 Lambda Burst.jpg Lambda Burst 2 8
Aika causes the very ground around her to explode, damaging all enemies on screen.
Aika4 Epsilon Mirror.jpg Epsilon Mirror 2 10
Creates a mirror-like aura that envelops Aika for 1 turn and restores 10 MP.
Aika5 Omega Psyclone.jpg Omega Psyclone 4 12
Aika summons the powers of the Red Moon to destroy all of the enemies on screen.

Fina[edit | edit source]

Image Name Moonberry Cost Spirit Cost Description
Fina1 Lunar Blessing.jpg Lunar Blessing 1 12
Fina calls upon the Silver Moon and blesses each party member with Regeneration.
Fina2 Lunar Glyph.jpg Lunar Glyph 1 3
Fina uses the power of the Silver Moon to damage and possibly Stone a single enemy.
Fina3 Lunar Cleansing.jpg Lunar Cleansing 2 6
Silver Moonlight cleanses all allies of any adverse effects except Unconscious.
Fina4 Lunar Winds.jpg Lunar Winds 2 6
Cupil summons a storm to damage and remove any beneficial effects from all enemies.
Fina5 Lunar Light.jpg Lunar Light 4 18
Revives, cures all adverse effects, and completely restores all HP of all allies.

Drachma[edit | edit source]

Image Name Moonberry Cost Spirit Cost Description
Drachma1 Tackle.jpg Tackle 1 10
Drachma concentrates all of his energy into his metal arm and charges one enemy.
Drachma2 Spirit Charge.jpg Spirit Charge 2 0
Drachma focuses inward, doubling his Spirit points and defending against attacks.
Drachma3 Hand of Fate.jpg Hand of Fate 4 25
Drachma crushes one enemy with his mighty arm, causing instant death to most.

Enrique[edit | edit source]

Image Name Moonberry Cost Spirit Cost Description
Enrique1 Royal Blade.jpg Royal Blade 1 8
Enrique slashes at a single enemy in a flurry of precise sword attacks.
Enrique2 Justice Shield.jpg Justice Shield 2 4
Creates a defensive barrier for one turn. All physical damage received is cut in half.
Enrique3 The Judgement.jpg The Judgement 4 16
Enrique summons one enemy to the Coliseum to be judged for its crimes.

Gilder[edit | edit source]

Image Name Moonberry Cost Spirit Cost Description
Gilder1 Gunslinger.jpg Gunslinger 1 9
Gilder lets loose two handguns at the same time damaging all enemies in a straight line.
Gilder2 Aura of Denial.jpg Aura of Denial 2 3
Creates a barrier for one turn that blocks all adverse (and only adverse) effects.
Gilder3 The Claudia.jpg The Claudia 4 18
Gilder calls in the Claudia and fires all of her cannons. Attacks all enemies.

Crew Special[edit | edit source]

In order to use these moves, Vyse must be the captain of his own crew. Once the Spirit meter is full, the Run command will be replaced with the Crew Sp. command.

Image Name Spirit Cost Description
Crew Sp1 Prophecy.jpg Prophecy All
Combines the power of all 4 party members to call upon an ancient power.
Crew Sp2 Blue Rogues.jpg Blue Rogues All
Summons all active members of the Delphinus crew. Attack varies depending on crew.