Wanted Battles

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Image Title Bounty Location Enemies
Wanted01.png Baltor the Black Bearded 1,000 Gold Mid Ocean
Wanted02.png Rupee of the Larso Clan 2,000 Gold Maramba
Wanted03.png Gordo the Round 4,000 Gold North Ocean
Wanted04.png Loose Cannon Lapen 5,000 Gold Sailors' Island
Wanted05.png The Ixa'ness Demons 8,000 Gold Ixa'taka Airspace
Wanted06.png Vyse the Fallen Pirate (before defeat)
Vize the Imposter (after defeat)
20,000 Gold Nasrad
Wanted07.png Daikokuya the Wealthy 20,000 Gold Lands of Ice Area
Wanted08.png Lord Zivilyn Bane 30,000 Gold Soltis